Glide Alternative: Betty Blocks

If you’re considering a low-code or no-code platform, you've probably noticed that it's a bit of a minefield; whilst some platforms might be more suited to rapid application development, others might be more suited to implementing full-scale citizen development strategies. Which platform is right for you really comes down to your organization's need. 


One of the platforms you may have come across is Glide. Perhaps you like the idea behind Glide but aren’t 100% sure it’s right for you, or perhaps you’re searching for a Glide alternative. Here, we’ll highlight some of the main differences between Glideapps and Betty Blocks so that you can make an informed decision and start innovating as soon as possible.


Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave ™ for Low-Code Development Platforms For Business Developers, Q4 2021

We’re proud to be recognized as a key thought leader of the enterprise citizen development movement. We received the highest scores possible in nine criteria, which in our opinion demonstrates our ability to help businesses build beautiful and advanced applications.

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Spreadsheets vs. drag-and-drop

In Glide, builders use Google Sheets to build applications. This is fine if you like using spreadsheets and want to quickly turn a simple app idea into a reality. This is why Glide offers a range of templates for apps ranging from apps to track event attendees to quiz apps. However, the need to use templates and Google Sheets means that your options are limited. 


Conversely, the Betty Blocks platform's visual, drag-and-drop interface enables people with little to no programming experience to build advanced, enterprise-grade applications, under the governance of IT.  This is what's known as citizen development, and leading enterprise organizations use Betty Blocks to implement their own citizen development strategies to power innovation and get ahead of the competition. 

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More than no-code or low-code

Whilst Glide is a no-code platform in that it enables users to build applications with Google Sheets, there are times when further customization is needed.

At Betty Blocks, we understand that enterprise organizations need the best of both worlds: The ability to build advanced applications fast with pre-coded blocks, and the ability to create new blocks with code whenever the need arises. You're not limited to a spreadsheet, or even a no- or low-code platform. 

The level of code you want to use within Betty Blocks is up to you – you can use it as a no- or low-code platform, depending on your needs. Our escape hatch means that experienced developers can use code to customize existing blocks or to create new blocks as needed. If you’re searching for a Glide alternative that gives you this kind of freedom and versatility, Betty Blocks could be the platform for you.

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According to their website, Glide's most popular plan is the 'Pro App' plan, which comes in at $32 per month. Again, this could be a great option for individuals or small businesses, but if you're looking for a more enterprise-ready Glide apps alternative, you might want to consider Betty Blocks.

The Betty Blocks platform was built for enterprise organizations that need the ability to build advanced applications through citizen development. Our pricing model ensures you always have the ability to build, iterate, and expand solutions without costs ballooning alongside your needs. Find the perfect fit by choosing a platform edition, the number of users for your application, and any add-ons or expansions you might need.
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Enterprise challenges need an enterprise platform

If you want to develop basic applications fast, that's fine. But Betty Blocks offers so much more than this capability, it's an enterprise platform for enterprise challenges. Is your IT department busy just keeping the lights on? Do your business-side employees want to solve problems, but their innovative new ideas simply go straight to the bottom of the backlog? These are challenges we hear about all the time from enterprise organizations.

If you're looking for Glide alternatives, it may be because you need a platform that:

  • Increases collaboration between business and IT;
  • Facilitates a culture of innovation throughout the entire organization by enabling you to start small and scaling up;
  • Is fully cloud-based and supported by any and all web browsers. All you need is an internet connection;
  • Has automatic updates to ensure you never have to worry about security, migrating apps to the newest version, or managing servers yourself;
  • Enables real-time deployment with no need for manual configuring or updating.

If you need a platform that gives you these benefits and more, you might be searching for Betty Blocks. Learn more about the platform here.


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