ParaSQL alternative

Betty Blocks is the most innovative ParaSQL alternative. We offer a rapid application platform in the cloud, combined with an App Store and Blocks Store. A complete application platform as a service. A ParaSQL alternative like Betty Blocks takes rapid application development to a higher level. No more coding, only visual modeling. Betty Blocks as a ParaSQL alternative is the best solution for building (business)applications, 8-10 times faster than regular coding.

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One environment for your most optimal cycle
The Betty Blocks platform is 100% online and cloud-based.This is optimal for your cycle from developing to production. (DTAP). You reach the next step by one button click. Because everything is on one server and not separated or spread over several, this only takes seconds.

The Betty Blocks platform seamlessly integrates with other software. Whether this is your long time used legacy application or your just purchased state of the art software package. The Betty Blocks platform connects with them all via APIs or an ESB.