FileMaker Alternatives: Betty Blocks

So, you’re considering a low-code or no-code platform. That’s great! There’s a lot of choices out there on the market and we're happy to help guide you, whether you’re looking to bring a new app to market at record speed, get ahead with the cutting edge of mobile technology, or launch a full digital transformation.

If you’re looking for FileMaker alternatives, we’d like to tell you a little more about Betty Blocks’ platform so that you can make an informed decision on what’s right for you and your organization. One thing’s for sure, to build advanced applications rapidly, you need a high-productivity and user-friendly platform. Betty Blocks and FileMaker share many common goals, but there are also differences between the two platforms.



Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave ™ for Low-Code Development Platforms For Business Developers, Q4 2021

We’re proud to be recognized as a key thought leader of the enterprise citizen development movement. We received the highest scores possible in nine criteria, which in our opinion demonstrates our ability to help businesses build beautiful and advanced applications.

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#1 in citizen development

Whilst the Betty Blocks and FileMaker platforms both enable faster development by utilizing drag-and-drop interfaces, at Betty Blocks, we’ve made a commitment to being the #1 citizen development platform. What does this mean? Citizen development is increasingly becoming an essential strategy for enterprises that want to become future-proof and achieve their innovation goals. These organizations need a platform and a vendor that is 100% dedicated to citizen development, that lives and breaths it, and that is recognized by top experts for doing so. 

Whether your organization requires a low-code or a no-code platform – which depends on your unique needs – isn’t the key question for us. Rather, we believe the question is: How will your organization use citizen development to achieve its goals? If you want to read more about citizen development, check out our whitepaper: Getting Started With Citizen Development.


Sidenote: We understand that, particularly for experienced developers, FileMaker alternatives that utilize open-source technology may be preferable. Like FileMaker, Betty Blocks utilizes closed-source technology because of the benefits it affords our customers. This is particularly true in terms of the platform's ease of use, and makes the most sense for enterprise-grade citizen development solutions. 

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A platform for citizen developers AND experienced developers

When looking for a FileMaker Pro alternative, one feature of Betty Blocks that you will want to consider is our ‘escape hatch.’ Unlike most no-code and low-code platforms, Betty Blocks’ escape hatch means that, while it is not necessary to write code to develop advanced applications, the platform supports JavaScript or HTML integrations for added customization. 


This means that whilst citizen developers can bring applications to the minimum viable product (MVP) stage by dragging and dropping pre-coded blocks, experienced developers can customize these blocks or even build new ones as required.  

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What challenges do you face?

You may be experiencing difficulty innovating because your needs and ideas fall to the bottom of IT’s backlog, and it takes too long to see results. Maybe your organization is even suffering from a shortage of professional developers. Or, do you find yourself with ideas that are too big for your budget?


Whether you’re focused on a single application or a complete digital transformation, it’s important to know which platform can provide you with the best features and service depending on your needs, so that you can thrive in the new era of application development.


You might be searching for:

  • A way to increase collaboration between business and IT.
  • A tool to facilitate a culture of innovation throughout the entire organization by starting small and scaling up step-by-step.
  • A platform that works – one that's fully cloud-based and supported by any and all web browsers. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Automatic updates to the platform that ensure you never have to worry about security, migrating apps to the newest version, or managing servers yourself. We take care of everything.
  • Real-time deployment with no need for manual configuring or updating.

If that’s the case, then you might be searching for Betty Blocks. Learn more about the platform here.


The Betty Blocks pricing model ensures you always have the ability to build, iterate, and expand solutions without costs ballooning alongside your needs. Find the perfect fit by choosing a platform edition, the number of users for your application, and any add-ons or expansions you might need. Read more about the pricing plan here.


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