Product Marketer - Alkmaar

Hi, we’re Betty Blocks! Do you like Big Hairy Audacious Goals? This is ours: By 2023, anyone can build an application. Quite a statement, right? So how we are doing with our BHAG? It’s going pretty well! So well actually, that we grew by 360% this year. And we’re just getting started! To support our superhuman ambition, we are looking for a Product Marketer who wants to help support the vision of our Forrester-licensed no-code application development platform.

What will you be doing?
You will be the shining face of the Betty Blocks platform. We are constantly updating our platform and releasing new features. Your job will be to inform our existing customers of these changes (which, we like to think, are constantly pushing the boundaries of the IT industry). You’ll also use your insights to be included in the sales process. With your help, our future clients will know exactly what the platform can help them with. To reach these goals you are going to create a lot of video content, as in demos, presentations, and webinars. You’ll also coordinate the creation of written content concerning the product.

In order to find out what new releases have been launched you will be interviewing our developers and product team to make sure you’re always in the loop. You’ll also seek out input from outside the organization: what kind of features are our clients missing? How can we reach perfection with our platform? Then you’ll find a way to communicate this to development. In this role you will be a pioneer and will be in contact with many departments within our organization.

Who are you?

  • You possess exceptional presentation skills and love the camera;
  • You are an native English speaker or speak English at a high level;
  • You are tech savvy and preferably have experience in a SaaS environment;
  • You have some experience with marketing and know how to reach out to different kind of audiences.

Why should you work with us?
There’s the usual:  25 vacation days, brand new Macbook, daily catered lunch, incredibly cool office and ditto workplaces, in-house gym (including our own trainer), and legendary Friday drinks.

But here are the top 4 reasons why 'new hires' choose us:

  1. Contribute to the vision
    We are going to change the world of application development, and fast! You’ll want to get in on that.
  2. A down-to-earth organizational structure as flat as a pancake
    That scary man that you should address by title only and who makes you nervous to talk to doesn’t work here. Just be yourself, we all are!
  3. Never miss home again
    When we moved our HQ to Alkmaar in February, we knew it right away: Alkmaar is bursting with potential. Never again get home late for dinner because you were sitting in a traffic jam. Except on Fridays, because afternoon drinks always seem to run late into the evening. Good deal, right?
  4. A piece of home at work
    Your new workplace is your 'home away from home'. Walk around in your socks, or sprawl out to work on the couch. And at lunch, you can eat to your heart’s content.

Is this function just right for you? Send a short motivation and resume to us: For questions about the vacancy you can also contact Perry at 06-25 77 83 75.