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Update - Deprecate ifundefined

We deprecated the ifundefined expression function and replaced them with the already existing ifnil function. Ifundefined was often used to check if a variable was available or not. However, you don't need to do this anymore because variables are always available (in the scope you are in). The only thing you have to check is if the variable is empty or not. Therefore we replaced the ifundefined and with ifnil.

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Update - The Sidebar overhaul

This update is all about improving the sidebar for even faster and easier creation of your front end. We have made a few changes that really improve the overall framework, development ease & speed and look & feel. To start off, we replaced the list view for a card view with more expressive icons. The card view is bigger and the color of the display is now light grey. Overall, this improvement gives a more structured appearance.


We have also improved the top navigation bar, which is now included in the sidebar. It is extended for quicker access and now offers 4 options: Design, Variables, Settings and the Object tree. The object tree also has a new design with a much clearer display.

Further, under the design tab, we have now made distinctions between components, component blocks, and partials. This distinction organizes and structures all of your different building essentials, again, to make your developer's life a lot easier!

As a die-hard Betty Blocks builder, you probably have a lot stored under your favorites. We have made a pretty cool improvement in this area because it is now linked to your user account. So, if you create a new component, component block or partial and store it under your favorites, you can access it on any new page or new browser again. It's always there, yay :D

And last, but definitely not least, we have made responsive shells for a more realistic interface. When you build your pages for mobile or tablet, you now see a phone or a tablet in the display.

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New feature - New data table component

Introducing a new component: The Advanced Data Table. The concept here is super handy and easy. You can now insert a table and load data directly from your back office or any external source into it.


When you insert a data table in your canvas, a wizard pops up that guides you through two easy steps: choosing your model and selecting properties for the table columns.

After choosing the properties you want to show, you can customize each column separately. You can add a filter, resize or add an order to the column. With this feature, it is now a lot easier to display your back end data on your page.

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