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Update - Recurring security audit

We conducted our recurring security audit, in cooperation with a third security party, and made several security improvements to the platform. This audit is a recurring event in our product development to keep the platform safe and secure for our end-users.

Here are some examples of the improvements we made: we tightened the security configurations for application cookies, we fixed some cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and we tightened our lockout policy so a potential attacker is not able to retry a password over and over again.

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Update - Styling fixes, import improvements, and more

With the latest update to the platform we fixed some minor styling issues and we improved several existing features. We improved the import module, nested logs, our background processing system, and more.

The latest platform update improved the stability of our import module

  • We improved the operation of our import module. The import module in the platform is now operating more stable than before.
  • We improved the stability of our background (jobs) processing system.
  • In some cases the "create Betty Blocks user" event in actions was not responding correctly. We fixed that problem.
  • A POST endpoint that generated an error will now stop returning all global variables.
  • We made a styling fix in the HTTP action event where variable values were not previewed correctly. Also we made some fixes in the back office user interface. We fixed the empty button of an auto complete form component that didn't work when the input had focus.

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Update - Nested log messages

While you are building with the Betty Blocks platform you often make use of our logging feature. For example, to retrieve information about executed actions. This information could be very helpful to analyse or debug the action. This information is shown in what we call a 'log message'. This is the part that has been updated.

Nested log messages are improved

Log messages can appear very big. They sometimes contain a large amount of lines. We improved the way they are opened, so you don't have to wait that long anymore and the messages will now be always opened.

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