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New feature - New 'time in timezone' function

We have built a new expression function, called time in timezone. With this new function you can express a given date-time value to a different timezone: time_in_timezone(var:date_time, "UTC" ). The output of this expression returns me the variable 'date_time' in UTC time.

New time in timezone function to a date time expression variable

You can use this new expression function in a date_time expression variable for example, but you can also use it in your page templates: 

"01-01-2018 00:00" -> Alaska {{ "01-01-2018 00:00" | time_in_timezone: "Alaska" }}

"01-01-2018 00:00" -> Amsterdam {{ "01-01-2018 00:00" | time_in_timezone: "Amsterdam" }}

"01-01-2018 00:00" -> Moscow {{ "01-01-2018 00:00" | time_in_timezone: "Moscow" }}

"01-01-2018 00:00" -> UTC {{ "01-01-2018 00:00" | time_in_timezone: "UTC" }}

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Update - Better error handling of PDF generation

We have updated the error handling in the PDF generation process. When a PDF document is generated, the PDF property on that record is marked as 'busy' or 'in progress'. When the generation fails (for example, when the row size is too large) there was no proper error handling in place.

Better error handling of PDF generation

If a generation error occurs, the error will now be logged in your application logs. Also the 'busy' state will be properly removed from the PDF property on that specific record. So you you will be able to re-generate the PDF again.

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Update - Missing variables, double running actions, and more

With the latest update to the Betty Blocks platform, we fixed some minor issues and we updated several existing features. For example, we fixed some issues relating to our SFTP-download, -upload, zip and unzip action events.

Here is a brief summary of the latest fixes we made:

  • We fixed an issue in the authentication when uploading or downloading a file by the SFTP action event.
  • In some cases not all application variables were shown in the application logs. We fixed this problem.
  • When executing a zip or unzip action event, a tmpdir is created (in the background). This got immediately lost, as the value was unknown in the next step. This is no longer an issue.
  • The variable and model browser could not be opened by the ESC key. This is restored.
  • In some cases, actions were running twice for the same record even when the action scope was set to 'one record at a time'. This has been fixed.

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