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Update - Creating new apps 20 times faster

Survival tip from Betty Blocks: You don’t have to run faster than the bear. You only have to run faster than the other guy running from the bear.

Nevertheless, speed is important. Until now, creating a new application was simply taking too long. Nobody has time to wait when being chased by a hungry bear.

Creating new applications will now be 20 times faster

That’s why we’ve been working hard to make some major speed improvements. When starting with an empty application, you will now be able to create a new application 20 times faster than before. Go give it a try, and check out the new progress status bar while you’re at it!

And remember, don’t feed the bears.

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New feature - Reuse Webservices cross-application

How long does it take you to fully develop each working Webservice function in your application? That adds a significant amount of time to your entire development process. What if you could reuse previous defined Webservices? Build it once and reuse it over and over again in different applications. Or what if you could install pre-configured Webservices from a public store? Such as integrations for MailChimp, SalesForce, and more.

We've updated the Blocks Store for more reusability across applications

We are very excited to make your life so much easier by presenting you with our newest update in the Blocks Store of the platform. You can now reuse Webservices by simply selecting one from your application to create a Block of it. Once you have made a Block of it, you can add a description, logo, and even change the visibility permissions for users who you want to have access to the Block. Click the Release button to make the Block available across all your applications. 

Access the Blocks Store under the Tools builder tab for faster development, faster time to market, and higher developer happiness! Check out our documentation and stay tuned for more updates soon.

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New feature - Export permissions at data models

Previously model permissions could be set for read, create, update and delete operations. We have extended that list with the 'export' operation. You can now select which user roles are permitted to export for every data model you have. Applying permissions to export works in the same way as the other 4 operations.

New export permissions at data models

The export feature is a basic feature in our largely standardized back-office user interface. What happens when I (as an application user) am not permitted to export data? When you don't have the permissions to export, the button to either use or compose an export definition will not be visible. This will be hidden for those users. However, every user who is permitted to export will see the option. Take a look at the video above that explains this further. Or read this learn article for more information about export and other permissions.

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