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New feature - Custom UI Components

We have added a new UI Component to our current set of Components: the Custom Component. Actually, the name already gives away what it does: building something custom. We offer a large set of UI Components you can use to build your pages, but of course there are situations where you sometimes want to build custom HTML and JavaScript. That’s why we've built this new UI Component, which is available by now.

Check out this introduction video about Custom Components

How do I use it? 

The custom Component is like all UI Components available in the toolbar left. After you've drag-and-dropped the Custom Component on your web page, you can insert custom HTML and Javascript in the configurable options. The custom Component is specially built to create something custom and to use once on your web page.

Can I reuse custom Components? 

You can use as many custom Components as you want, but each time you’ll have to configure custom HTML and Javascript. If want to reuse your content that you've built, we offer you the option to make your content reusable. Simply create a UI component of it and you're done! UI components are supported by versions, which gives a controlled setup to develop your content even further without influencing the ultimate markup of your existing web pages.

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New feature - UI Component specific Javascript

As an experienced developer you can build your own UI Components on the Betty Blocks platform. Most UI Components have some component specific behavior or interaction. This is mostly done with Javascript. With the latest release, you can add component specific Javascript to your UI Components. As an experienced developer, this release provides you with a certain amount of new possibilities and opportunities that you can build with UI Components.

UI Component specific Javascript

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Update - Improved platform-wide performance

Here at Betty Blocks HQ, we feel the need - the need for speed. The latest update to the Betty Blocks platform brings some of that much needed speed in threefold with super fast performance improvements:

1) We managed to boost the performance of executing actions in general. Running an action that saves a record or calculates different expression variables for instance is now noticeably faster. In some cases the speed improvement is even up to 5 times faster!

2) Calculating expression variables throughout the whole platform is now also a lot faster, because we have made the process more efficient. 

3) Rendering or processing of pages goes a lot faster now because loading the necessary page variables has become more efficient - in some cases up to 3 times faster.

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