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Update - Look & feel new web page wizard

We've updated the look and feel in the wizard for a new web page (endpoint). It has a fresher design that is more in line with the entire Betty Block platform. 

New look and feel in the wizard of a new web page (endpoint)

Switch to the web module of your application. At the top left you will find the 'new' button. Click on it and the wizard for a new web page appears.

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Update - Export grids instantly by one-click

We updated the export of data in the back office module. You can now instantly export current grids with its columns and data. By composing an export definition, the current properties (as columns) are set by default. The only thing left is press export.

Export a grid with or without column headers instantly with one-click

The default export definition is still customizable with other properties. Also we added a checkbox at the bottom that is called 'include headers'. This checkbox is used to export data with or without the column headers. When exporting with column headers, the export returns the label values instead of name values as headers. It's literally what you've defined in the grid.

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Update - Web service headers and empty JSON responses

We've updated the web services tool on the platform. It is now possible to read not only the response body, but also the response headers. You are able to define a variable 'as' for all the attributes in the header when using an HTTP Request action event. Also, we've added proper handling for 'empty' JSON body responses that contain a 204 status code.

We made a video how you can assign response headers to a data model

You are now able to read attributes in the response header

For example, sometimes access tokens are placed in the response headers. If so, you can now read the access token from the response header and use it to authenticate the next request.

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