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New feature - UI Component versioning and reusability

One of the key features in building your own UI Components is controllability. As a component builder, you want to have a controlled setup to create and to develop your UI Components without consequences. One of the consequences you want to resolve is that developing your UI Components directly influences markups of existing web pages. With the latest release to the Betty Blocks platform, we have added this controllability to UI Components. These elements are now supported by versions, which offers you a controllable setup for developing UI Components.

Check out this introduction video about UI versioning and reusability

How do I use it? 

You could already create your own UI Components before, but the location where your UI Components are saved has been changed. Your new created UI Components are now saved in the Blocks Store. Every created UI component consists of a development and live version of the UI Component. You can change and rebuild the development version as much as needed. When the time is there, you can release it. Releasing is done in the Blocks Store. After you’ve released it, the UI action gets a released version. Your UI action is now ready to be used in production. If you want to change the UI action again, you can edit the development version and start the releasing process again.

How do I reuse UI Components? 

Your new created UI Components are available in every application, which means you can re-use them cross-application. Because UI Components are saved in the Blocks Store, you can use all the functionality the Blocks Store offers regarding sharing and releasing. For example, you can make your UI Components available for an entire organization. Other members of that organization will also see your component in the left toolbar.

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Update - New fixes in the UI builder

With the latest release to the Betty Blocks platform, we have made several fixes to the page UI Builder. The purpose of this update was mainly to update current functionality that we already support.

Here is a summary of the latest fixes we've made:

  • Class input at number and other form inputs now work properly in all cases.
  • The date picker UI component can now process classes.
  • The default value option at form inputs will now work as expected.
  • Checkbox UI component can now be a required form input.
  • You can now use text and variables at component options, where desirable.
  • The form submit button can now be styled as normal button components.
  • Text expression variables can now be chosen as component option at a heading label, for example.
  • And many more fixes.. 

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New feature - Custom UI Components

We have added a new UI Component to our current set of Components: the Custom Component. Actually, the name already gives away what it does: building something custom. We offer a large set of UI Components you can use to build your pages, but of course there are situations where you sometimes want to build custom HTML and JavaScript. That’s why we've built this new UI Component, which is available by now.

Check out this introduction video about Custom Components

How do I use it? 

The custom Component is like all UI Components available in the toolbar left. After you've drag-and-dropped the Custom Component on your web page, you can insert custom HTML and Javascript in the configurable options. The custom Component is specially built to create something custom and to use once on your web page.

Can I reuse custom Components? 

You can use as many custom Components as you want, but each time you’ll have to configure custom HTML and Javascript. If want to reuse your content that you've built, we offer you the option to make your content reusable. Simply create a UI component of it and you're done! UI components are supported by versions, which gives a controlled setup to develop your content even further without influencing the ultimate markup of your existing web pages.

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