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New feature - Advanced model property validations

Not long ago, we introduced the feature ‘validate by expression’. This feature made it possible to build custom validations to model properties based on an expression. However, we wanted to go a few steps further with this feature. Here is what we did:

  • You can now build multiple expressions to validate a model property.
  • The expressions are sortable to decide which must be executed first.
  • Each expression can hold a custom message to preview to the end user when the given value is invalid.
  • Validation errors (and their messages) can be caught/ fetched by an after_validation action. This feature can be very helpful for example in import events. When import lines aren’t imported (because some are invalid) you want to know why.

Advanced model property validations with their messages to preview and catch

We made a learn article about this new feature. Soon we will provide you with howto tutorials in which we explain this feature even more.

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New feature - Undo and redo in the web UI builder

For those of you who had big frustrations deleting components or sets of components accidentally in the web UI builder, your frustrations and pains are a thing of the past. With this release comes the powerful feature to undo and redo in the web UI builder. If you are accidentally mistaken (deleting the wrong component for example), this feature will help you out.

The new undo and redo feature in the web UI builder

The undo and redo buttons are placed at the bottom left (above the device switcher). The undo button reverts the effects of the latest action that was executed. If that was a delete action to a component, that means that the delete is reverted. The redo button reverts the effects of the undo action. In this case, it means that the delete will be executed again.

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Update - We did some small tweaks

Not only the big ones count, but also the small tweaks! We made several tweaks this release, and these are three of them:

  • Changes in actions and events are updated in the cache properly again. 
  • Action events are shown (visually) next to each other in the action diagram. It gives you a better overview of your action and events.
  • A web service header variable isn’t deleted after the name has been changed. Now you can modify the name as many times as you want. Also, the table with large variable values is displayed correctly in the web service panel.

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