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New feature - Online user presence of back office forms

We have added a new feature to see which online users have opened the same back office form at the same time. Now you can be very sure that you are the only user in a particular object form while editing it for example. This feature only applies to object forms in the back office.

Online user presence at object forms in the back office

Online users who have opened an object form at the same time are shown in the form header at the top right (as dots). This feature is disabled by default and could be enabled in the application settings (in my Betty Blocks environment).

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New features - Online users grid

We have added a new feature that is called the online users grid. In this grid, you can see which users are currently online in the application and since when. You can send notifications to online users and you can force them to log out. This is particularly handy when dealing situations where application changes should not be made because of a merge preparation for example. In that case, you can send all builders a notification and force them to log out by two easy actions.

See which users are online and since when

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Update - Vertical fly-out builder bar

We have updated the fly-out builder bar. It now folds in and out vertically instead of horizontally. The interface looks much calmer thanks to the light colored background. Also, the vertical fly-out helps to navigate even better through the builder bar items than before and gives room for a description.

Updated fly-out builder bar vertically instead of horizontally

We also added two new builder bar items: online users and the Betty Blocks forum.

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