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Update - Improved drag & drop in the web UI builder

We felt the need. The need to improve our drag and drop functionality in the web UI builder. Why? Because this feature is very important to create web pages with the web UI builder easily. So we made two improvements while dragging a component to the canvas: the editor is now more stable in finding his drag-target (which caused flickering), and the drag target is now always shown correctly (sometimes the wrong component target was previewed). 

The drag and drop improvements in the web UI builder

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New feature - Performance monitoring and scoped changes

Here at Betty Blocks, we strive for developer happiness. We felt we could still make some steps towards performance monitoring and debugging of builder items. To increase the happiness we have now added these two tabs. The first tab is for monitoring the performance of your actions, events and expression properties to help you debug even faster. The second tab is to see changes that are scoped to the item you opened, to make that haystack of changes a lot smaller.

The new performance monitoring and scoped changes at an action

Questions like "Why is my action taking so long?" or "Why is this changed, it used to work?" can now be answered in-app. How? For starters, the action’s grid now shows a metric called the Apdex (Application Performance Index). This metric that shows up in the grid as green, yellow or red gives the most recent overall performance indication of the given action.

Upon opening an action you would like to investigate, you can now see all changes made to this specific item. You're now only one click away from knowing when the action changed. You can also view the latest statistics regarding its performance. We didn't just stop there though, action events and also expression properties have these fancy metrics at your disposal.

We think you’ll agree that we have once again increased the developer happiness, and will continue to do so because we are busy working on a third tab for scoped logs.

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Update - Validations on required input variables to actions

Variables could appear as input variables. This kind is used in actions and web UI pages to create dynamic content. Regarding actions, you can select whether an input variable must be required or not. Which basically means that the end-user who triggered the action has to insert a value for the variable. We updated this input field with validations. It validates if the required input field has any value or not.

Validations on required input variables in actions

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