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Update - UI Builder drag and drop, performance improvements

Say what?! We've got some updates (and improvements) to the UI builder to report! 

The drag and drop feature is now overall more stable. We’ve improved the drop target that indicates where a component will be dropped (now you’ll see a blue line to show where the component will be placed), so you now see visual feedback about the parent component.

Drag and drop improvements in the page UI builder

You now will also see visual feedback about the drop target's parent component. This will look like a name indicator to show that a component will be dropped in a Container or Column, for example.

Some components will also include a “Place Content Here” placeholder to indicate that the component is not complete on its own, but needs an additional component to be finalized (for example, it might need to include an Alert). Affected components are page container, container, grid layout, accordion, panel, tab group and dynamic tiles.

And one last thing - we improved the page scrolling function overall, so dragging components up or down will feel much smoother now.

Improved Performance

There are also some general performance improvements to help you be even more productive. For one, you'll notice instant display of changes to component options in the preview. You can also now edit component options without experiencing lag, so you can keep using the UI while editing. 

HTML rendering performance in the UI Builder has also been generally improved.

The autosave feature now works at intervals of 5 seconds, too. 

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Update - Bug Fixes

What’s bugging you lately? We can’t really help with the dishes in the sink or your laundry backlog, but here’s some platform stuff we’ve fixed.

In the UI Builder:

- Filled values in the Base Styles (padding, border, background, etc.) would still be applied when deselected, and only be removed by a change trigger in the component; now deselecting the checkbox will remove the feature(s).

- You were only able to select one variable with data type collection, but now you can select all types of collections in a dropdown option.

- Sorting component options was producing some strange results (basically, the options were not being sorted). You will now see the correct new order of options every time.

- We fixed UI Builder object tree behavior.

- Collection variables set on components will now be displayed in Web Blocks pages when using the UI Builder.

- When creating a UI Page, the component card (in the palette) would be shown twice when you selected it and dragged it to the canvas. Now the component card will only appear once.

- UI components were shifting when you would start dragging an existing UI component or a new UI component from the palette on the UI page. This has been fixed with other improvements to the drag-and-drop feature.

Other bug fixes:

- Page overviews were displaying a “Save” icon when they should have displayed an edit action. This has been corrected.

- In some areas of the US, users would get a Bad Gateway error when uploading large files (25mb+) due to added latency. This has been corrected.

- Builders can now use input variables in POST endpoints.

- We’ve prevented errors in cases when an action is not executed.

- We have improved our code base and fixed several genserver/connection leaks. This improves stability through better use of memory.

- Endpoint paths with erroneous offset parameters will now return a correct error response.

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Update - New pre-made UI templates

Ever wished you could choose from pre-made high-end page templates, without sacrificing a gorgeous end user experience? We’ve made about 10 new content pages available to choose from in the new page flow.

UI prefabs

Now you can choose from options like:

Hotel dashboard: Show pixel-perfect cards or tiles for locations, products, or other categories.
Hotel detail: Highlight your hotel, product or other topic in this detail page.
Category cards dashboard: Display your categories with cards in a dashboard overview.
Users dashboard: Display and manage your users in a single overview.
Expenses detail: Track your spending with this detail page.
Product overview: A beautiful overview with search capabilities for products or other topics.
Add participant form: Create new participants with this advanced form.

Public UI Prefabs
Prefabs let you save multiple UI components into one block. We now have about 25 new public UI prefabs that you can use for any of your Betty Blocks applications. Look for:
Card prefabs for payments, hotel ratings and bookings.
Header prefabs for headers or introductions on your page.
List prefabs to display data in different ways.
Form prefabs to create or change data.
Notification prefabs to display different notifications to end users.

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