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Update - New pre-made UI templates

Ever wished you could choose from pre-made high-end page templates, without sacrificing a gorgeous end user experience? We’ve made about 10 new content pages available to choose from in the new page flow.

UI prefabs

Now you can choose from options like:

Hotel dashboard: Show pixel-perfect cards or tiles for locations, products, or other categories.
Hotel detail: Highlight your hotel, product or other topic in this detail page.
Category cards dashboard: Display your categories with cards in a dashboard overview.
Users dashboard: Display and manage your users in a single overview.
Expenses detail: Track your spending with this detail page.
Product overview: A beautiful overview with search capabilities for products or other topics.
Add participant form: Create new participants with this advanced form.

Public UI Prefabs
Prefabs let you save multiple UI components into one block. We now have about 25 new public UI prefabs that you can use for any of your Betty Blocks applications. Look for:
Card prefabs for payments, hotel ratings and bookings.
Header prefabs for headers or introductions on your page.
List prefabs to display data in different ways.
Form prefabs to create or change data.
Notification prefabs to display different notifications to end users.

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New feature - New action event: SFTP list

In addition to our SFTP Download and SFTP Upload events, it's also possible to use an SFTP List event. With this event you can request the content of an SFTP directory and loop through its entries.

New SFTP list event

By connecting your Betty Blocks application to an SFTP environment you can make use of countless new options. Until now you had to use the SFTP Upload and SFTP Download events, but these were designed to target specific locations and were hard to configure dynamically. With the SFTP List event you can access any SFTP environment much like before, but get an array of results, based on what's available on the directory you requested.

For example, you enter a path like "/all-files/images". The platform automatically generates a custom model, allowing you to browse through the results with the variable browser. After the SFTP List event add a Loop event. For each iteration from the Loop event an entry can be handled. Configure as you please; use SFTP Download events to get the existing file from the entry or SFTP Upload to add a new file.

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Update - SFTP events

Re-using actions and events dynamically is key for quick development and maintaining your application. Instead of entering static values for your SFTP Host, Port and Remote path, we added the possibility to set them by variables.

We've updated the current SFTP action events with dynamic fields for example

Imagine implementing SFTP functionalities in your application. Not 1 environment or 2, but one for every supplier in your order management system. Creating all these different actions and events for each supplier would be impossible. Instead, you can create one action with your SFTP event where the Host, Port and Remote path values are set with variable. This enables you to connect to the suppliers SFTP environment as long as the credentials are available from the supplier's data.

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