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No-code: A quick recap

Whether we’re talking about no- or low-code platforms, it essentially comes down to the same thing: Reducing the amount of code developers need to write in order to build applications. By reducing the need for manual coding, no- and low-code platforms enable experienced developers to build advanced applications faster, and people without programming expertise (citizen developers) to be involved in the development process.

Betty Blocks: A citizen development platform

If you’re looking for a no code app builder, you’re probably already familiar with the term citizen development (if not, you can find out more here). Because the Betty Blocks platform utilizes visual, drag-and-drop functionality, it enables non-experienced developers to take part in the development of new applications. 


One of the key differentiators between Betty Blocks and other no-code platforms is that Betty Blocks can also be used as a low-code platform. What do we mean by this? Betty Blocks is, above all, a citizen development platform. It provides a safe and governed environment for citizen developers, whether on the business side or in IT, to build better solutions, faster.

Think of it like this: If you need a tool to enable your experienced developers to build faster, you can use Betty Blocks as a low-code platform. Or, if your IT department has its hands full with a huge backlog, whilst business-side employees are itching to solve problems, you can use Betty Blocks as a no-code platform. And, of course, knowing how to use the platform effectively for your specific needs is something we’re here to help with. Reach out to one of our citizen development experts here.



Getting Started with Citizen Development whitepaper

Why use no code app development platforms?

We could use all the fancy jargon to try to persuade you that no- and low-code platforms are the best thing since sliced bread, but no one has time for that these days. So let’s get straight to the heart of the matter: concrete results. 


Here are 3 organizations that used the Betty Blocks citizen development platform as a no code app builder to achieve some truly staggering results: 


1. Clifford Chance (Legal)

When leading international law firm, Clifford Chance, set its sights on transforming its legal services delivery, no-code application development was the logical step. Find out how Clifford Chance used Betty Blocks to achieve a predicted efficiency boost of 45-60%. 


2. Univé (Insurance) 

The insurance industry today is competitive, with tech-focused, agile players able to meet evolving consumer demand seemingly instantaneously. In order to remain a leader in the industry, Univé needed a bold new strategy. Discover how Univé used Betty Blocks to create new lines of business that go beyond insurance, whilst reducing time-to-market from 1 year to just 2.5 months. 


3. EDGE Technologies (IT) 

EDGE Technologies relied on 7 external suppliers for its CRM, order management and invoicing, ticketing, stock management, and internal project management. As you can imagine, this set-up was time-consuming and costly. Find out how EDGE Technologies’ CEO used Betty Blocks to consolidate this spider-web of third-party systems and boost productivity by 20% in the process.




Named a Visionary in Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms 2020 sees Betty Blocks named a Visionary for the second consecutive year among 18 recognized vendors. As Gartner has positioned Betty Blocks highest for ability to execute in the Visionaries Quadrant, we’re proud of our position this year and feel we have proven our platform’s capabilities alongside our vision to democratize citizen development.

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No-code: What about experienced developers?

Lowering the technical barrier to software development by reducing or eliminating the need to write code is all well and good. You may be wondering, however, what the role of the experienced developer should be when you choose to build with a no-code or low-code platform.


At Betty Blocks, we firmly believe that experienced developers should always form the foundation of no- and low-code strategies, and should be supported by – not replaced by – citizen developers. Here are 3 reasons why:


1. Governance 
For citizen development to be successful, experienced developers are absolutely essential in that they provide a safe and governed environment. No one wants the future of application development to revolve around shadow IT, and governed citizen development helps eradicate this risk. 

Read more in our Governing Citizen Development whitepaper.  


2. Heavy lifting
Whilst we want to encourage business-side employees to take part in software development, they shouldn’t do any of the ‘heavy lifting’. Complex areas such as security and scalability should remain in the capable hands of experienced developers. 


3. Escape Hatch 
Whilst building applications with pre-coded blocks comes with a whole host of benefits, it doesn’t mean you won’t encounter projects for which you wish to build new blocks by writing your own custom code. Betty Blocks’ escape hatch enables exactly this. And remember, any new blocks built by experienced developers can be stored in the Block Store to be used again in future projects.


CitDev PMI Webinar - Governance

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