Model-driven software development

The purpose of model-driven software development is to raise the speed, flexibility and quality of tailor-made software. Graphical models and pre-built components express the structure and behavior of your software. You visually construct complex applications.

Benefits of Betty Blocks’ model-driven development

Developing tailor-made software on the Betty Blocks platform is 8-10 times faster than regular programming. By using the visual model builder, applications are developed rapidly and intuitively. Every application is fully adjustable until all requirements are met.

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It empowers both developers and business consultants
Model-driven software development empowers both developers and business consultants to rapidly deliver applications without the need for code. Consequently, it is significantly faster than traditional programming. The Betty Blocks platform enables speed, ease-of-use and flexibility across the development cycle.

Choose the right platform for you
The Betty Blocks platform provides significant productivity advantages over traditional development methods. The Betty Blocks aPaaS comes with an App store. In the app store, templates of frequently used applications are available, which you immediately can put to use. Every application is multi-device ready, has a very user-friendly interface and integrates seamlessly with other systems.

High-productivity & Low-code
A model-driven development platform is often referred to as a high-productivity platform or low-code platform. The speed of the Betty Blocks platform is derived from the use of models and other pre-built components that you use to visually construct your applications. The platform’s user friendliness & flexibility makes developing your applications highly intuitive and agile.

Closing the gap between business & IT
An important aspect of model-driven software development is that it closes the gap between IT, business and stakeholders. The modeling language is no longer technically oriented, but it describes problems and solutions on higher-level abstractions. By using a domain-specific language, a clear understanding of the business problem occurs amongst everybody involved.

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