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Betty Blocks aPaaS is a mobile app development platform. Developing a web app on the platform means it is multi-device ready. In specific situations, you adjust the front end of an application with Betty Web Blocks to specifically serve mobile purposes.

According to a recent Ovum white paper:

  • Smart mobile devices are proving to be the preferred choice when connecting to the network, not only for consumers but also now for enterprise workers.
  • App development has undergone a shift of focus from web programming to web and mobile programming.
  • The choice of development platforms, approaches and technologies is vast, and this has made the process of selecting a suitable mobile app development platform difficult.

Developing your application on the Betty Blocks platform is 8-10x faster than regular coding. By using the visual model builder, you rapidly & intuitively design your application. Create a free account and experience why Betty Blocks is the platform for all mobile application development.

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