Looking for a Mendix alternative?

The cloud-based Betty Blocks aPaaS is the most innovative Mendix alternative. As a rad (rapid application development) platform combined with an App Store & Block Store, a complete application platform as a service is delivered. A Mendix alternative like Betty Blocks takes rapid application development to a higher level. By using the visual model builder, (business) applications are developed 8-10x faster, without programming. Because of the platform's flexibility, adjustments and extensions are easily made at any point in time. Create a free account and experience it yourself.

Free sign up! Start building your Mendix alternative within 2 minutes.

Develop, Test & Instant usage

Build each type of application faster and easier then before. Design an application without coding, just visual modeling based on your own design. No coding skills required.

Continuous Deployment

When working in the Betty Blocks cloud deployment is easy. Our My.BettyBlocks environment enables you to create development sandboxes on the fly. When development is done, simply click on deploy and the Betty Blocks Cloud and the new version will be put online in a breeze.


Give your project a jump start by using on of the templates offered in our template store. Our store offers a wide range of free templates developed for each type of business process. Modify the template and application to create an optimal experience for your users.

Out-of-the-Box Multi Device

Our state of the art standardized user interface makes every app very user friendly, without any effort. All applications are automatically device independent, use it on your smart phone or tablet.

Platform independent

Use the Betty Blocks app platform to automatically develop for each platform. We are 100% web based, so use your favorite browser and stop downloading development environment. Work everywhere!


Betty Blocks offers an a-la-carte pricing model based on the pay-what-you-need principle. Betty Blocks is available for each type of organization.