What are forms in the back office?

After reading this article you will know:

  • What forms are in the back office
  • What form components and actions are
  • What you can customize in forms

Views could appear as grids in the back office. A model holds one or more objects which are displayed as rows in a grid. A form displays a single object in the grid.

Forms appear as sliding panes over the grid. You can create, read (show), update or delete objects (as rows) with a form in the grid. What does a form consist of?

  • Form components. The properties held in a model.
  • Form actions. To start processes.
  • Subviews To see the related models (data) of an object.

Form components

Forms are built with form components. Components are the properties held in a model. Every component on the form appears with a label name and input field for its value. The form for a Customer will have components as Name, Email, etc. These are a customer's properties. You can customize any form. Change the order how they appear, add new or delete the unnecessary components.


Component settings

The settings of components could be changed for every component on the form. You can change settings as visibility, kind, alignment, label name, the appearance in different states (new, edit, show), etc.

Group components

Group different form components to become more organized with your forms. You can define the visibility for each group that is created on the same form. Take a look at the image above. The group 'Customer' is created in this form. 

Form actions

Your application needs actions (workflows) to process data. You define these processes in what we called  Actions. Every action starts because of a certain trigger. Manual triggers are called buttons. Use an action button on a form to start an action with. Form buttons are placed at two spots: at the section right at the top and as a form component itself. In the image below you will see an example form button at the top right.


Show active users

If multiple users open the same form this will be shown in the top right of the form. This enables you to see who might be editing the same form as you. This is turned off by default and can be enabled in the application settings of your application. (my.bettyblocks.com)

Learn HowTo create and customize forms to display a single object in the grid.

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