By pressing a combination of keys, you can do things that normally need a mouse, trackpad, or other input devices. To use a keyboard short key, hold down one or more modifier keys. Please notice, that in the overview you will see this ⌘ icon. This icon indicates that Mac OS users should use the ⌘ -key (Command/cmd).


Ctrl or ⌘ + /
Opens the shortkey overview
Toggles builder mode on/off.
Toggles builder bar on/off.
Closes the current panel.
Enter or Ctrl + S
Saves the current element. Which shortkey depends on the current active component.
Shift + Enter
Saves the record and creates a new record directly. Also applies when you hold Shift and click the 'Save' button.
Ctrl or ⌘ + K
Search for a specific object.
Ctrl or ⌘ + R or F5
Refresh the current page.
Alt + ◀
Open the panel to the left of the active panel.
Alt + ▶
Open the panel to the right of the active panel.

When editing HTML code

Ctrl + Enter
Toggles fullscreen mode on/off. (Esc also works to exit fullscreen mode)
Ctrl or ⌘ + F/G or F3
Search in the code
Ctrl or ⌘ + H
Find and replace in the code

Specifics for certain components

These shortkeys apply for when you're in a Model, Action, Asset and/or View.

Add a new model/action/variable/endpoint/assest/mailbox/property/record
Toggle the filterbar in the current view.
Refresh the current view.
Clear the logs (if opened).
Activate the searchbar in a view
Select next record in a view
Select previous record in a view

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