HowTo create and customize Views?

After you have seen this HowTo video and read this article you will know how Views are created and how you can customize them.

Step 01
Click on the module switcher and make sure you are in the backoffice module of your applicaiton.

Step 02
Click on UI Builder to change the backoffice user interface.

Step 03
Please notice, that by pressing the play button you will see all that is changed directly live!

Step 04
Click on '+ Add grid' in the section overview. We would like to create a Customer's grid view.

Step 05
The grid settings appear. Select the grid view's model. In this case, we select the model Customer.

Step 06
Name the new grid view. The name is given the plural appearance of the model's name by default.

Step 07
Select to which section in the section overview you would like to place this grid view.

Step 08
Make this grid view visible for specific roles only.

Step 09
Complete the other settings as use, filter, default selected grid filter, etc.

Step 10
All done? Click save to complete the grid view.

Step 11
Please notice, that your saved grid view is now visible in the section overview.

Step 12
Please notice, that the columns of a view are the same as the properties held in a model. In this case, we see four columns as email address, first name, prefix, and last name.

Step 13
Relocate every column in the grid view. Make sure you are still in the UI Builder of the backoffice to do this.

Step 14
Edit or delete every column by clicking the gear icon next to the column's label name.

Step 15
Create new columns by clicking the plus sign next to the most right column there is in the grid view.

Step 16
Click play to see your grid view live after you have customized it.

Next step:
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