HowTo use the OAuth2 configuration for Exact Online?

After you have seen this HowTo video and read this article you will know how to create and use our default OAuth2 Basic authentication configuration. With this configuration, you can authenticate all your web service requests to Exact Online.

Step 01
Go to Configurations under Settings in the builder menu on the left.

Step 02
Create a new configuration and choose the kind OAuth2 Basic.

Step 03
Go to the Exact Online app center and create an API key for your Exact Online application.

Step 04
Retreive a Client_id and Client_secret from the Authorization server in Exact Online.

Step 05
Copy paste these properties (Client_id and secret) to the configuration you just created in your Betty Blocks application.

Step 06
Search in Exact's documentation for the Authorization and Token credential uri's. Both starts with "".

Step 07
Insert an extra authentication attribute to the configuration: response_type = code. This is required to access Exact's API.

Step 08
Save the configuration and press the button 'Connect' at the bottom of the form.

Step 09
You are redirect to a login screen from exact, based on the authorization and token credentials uri you have given. Please login to Exact Online. With this login procedure, you authorize access to your Exact Online data.

Step 10
After you have logged in, Exact redirects you to the given redirect url in the API key registration.

Step 11
As it all went well, your created configuration is now connected to your Exact Online app. Assign this configuration to a web service.

Step 12
Go to Webservices under Tools in the builder menu left.

Step 13
Create a new web service or use an existing one.

Step 14
Choose the Authentication configuration we just created.

Step 15
Create a web service endpoint and test if the authentication works?

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