HowTo send SMS-messages with Messagebird?

After you have seen this HowTo video and read this article you will know how to send SMS messages from the back office by using the Messagebird API. 

Step 01
Go to Tools on the builder menu left and click on 'Webservices'.

Step 02
We'll use Messagebird as an external SMS service. Create a new web service.

Step 03
Define all settings as Name, Protocol, Host (API), Authentication, Request and Response types.

Step 04
Add your API Key from Messagebird to the request header in your web service.
Key format: "AccessKey live_[your code]"

Step 05
Create a new endpoint to the web service.

Step 06
Define all endpoint settings as Name, Http method, Path, and its Custom Model.

Step 07
Add 3 body variables to this endpoint: body, originator and recipients.

Step 08
Save the endpoint.

Step 09
Go to Actions on the builder menu left.

Step 10
Create a new action to process the response to your data model.

Step 11
Create a new Http request action event.

Step 12
Select the right web service and endpoint to complete the request.

Step 13
Assign the 3 body variables to the message model properties from the data model.

Step 14
Give the new message a variable name 'As'.

Step 15
In this case we added below the Http event another event to update properties.

Step 16
Select the object and its properties to assign other value to.

Step 17
Go back to your back office and add the model action to the Message form.

Step 18
Execute the action and check on the recipient's phone if the SMS came through?

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