HowTo create grouped Views?

After you have seen this HowTo video and read this article you will know how different Views are grouped together as sections in the section overview.

Step 01
Click on the module switcher and make sure you are in the Backoffice module of your application.

Step 02
Notice that different Views are grouped in sections and sections are placed in the section overview.

Step 03
A new section could be created by adding a new View to your Backoffice. Click on the UI Builder to change the Backoffice user interface.

Step 04
Click on '+ Add grid' in the section overview.

Step 05
The grid settings appear. Notice that the section name under which you have pressed '+ Add grid' will appear as default.

Step 06
Change the section name into a new section. As an example, we name the new section 'Invoicing'.

Step 07
Complete the other grid settings. In this case, we place the grid view 'Invoice' and 'Invoice line' at the new Invoicing section.

Step 08
Save the grid settings. As a result, the new section is created in the section overview.

Step 09
See your fresh created section live by clicking play.

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