HowTo create expression properties?

After you have seen this HowTo video and read this article you will know at which place expression properties are created and how to create them:

Step 01
Click on 'datamodel' in the Builder Menu left.

Step 02
Click on a model to add new expression properties.

Step 03
Click on the subview 'Properties' on the right.

Step 04
Click on '+ New' at the top left to create a new expression property.

Step 05
Select the expression property type, depening to what kind of expression you would like to create. You can pick between Text, Price, Number, etc.

Step 06
Name the expression property. The Label value will automatically set the same as Name. You can overwrite the Label value, without changing Name. The difference between these two is that Name is inserted into the database of your app and Label is only used for your interfaces as columns or form components.

Step 07
Complete the expression field. Use our Expression References. To insert viarbles in the expression as First Name or Product Price, use the 'Insert variable' button at the buttom right of the input field.

Step 08
All ready? Click on 'Save' and your expression property is created.

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