HowTo create and customize Forms?

After you have seen this HowTo video and read this article you will know how to create and customize Forms in the Backoffice of your application.

Step 01
Click on the module switcher and make sure you are in the Backoffice module of your application.

Step 02
Notice that Forms appear as sliding panes in grid Views. In a Form you can create, read, update or delete data (as objects or records).

Step 03
Click on a grid View in your Backoffice.

Step 04
Create a new record by pressing 'New' at the top left of the grid View (above the column headers). In this case, we have selected the Customers View.

Step 05
The Form for each new and existing Customer appears. As you can see are the Form components equal to the columns in the grid View: email address, first name, etc.

Step 06
If you would like to edit and customize Forms, make sure you are in the builder mode of the Backoffice by clicking the UI Builder icon.

Step 07
Change the way Form components are ordered by drag and drop. Select one component and place it elsewhere.

Step 08
Group several Form components by dragging an existing component to the white space at top of the Form or by adding a new component at that place.

Step 09
Change the name of the new group by pressing the gear icon next to the group name. Also in this fieldset, you can change the visibility to your role-based structure for every component group. Done? Press save and the name and settings are saved.

Step 10
Delete unnecessary components from the Form by swiping them to the left. You will receive a notification if you really would like to delete this component.

Step 11
Change the settings for each component on the Form by pressing the gear icon to the left of each component there is. Press save when you are ready.

Step 12
When you are all done with customizing the Form press Play to see your customized Form live.

Step 13
After you have saved a Form with all values for each component completed, the saved Form is visible (as a record) in the grid View.

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