• When

    Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th January 2019

  • Time

    9am - 16pm

  • Where

    Betty Blocks Headquarters

  • Who

    For both (Citizen) developers, Betty Blocks partners and non-IT professionals

  • Price

    € 1.500 per person

Betty Blocks Fundamentals training
Betty Blocks Fundamentals training
What can I expect?

What can I expect?

Two days of fun and no-code development where you have the opportunity to get to know the platform and learn how to develop your first no-code application. Follow the 2-day training to learn how the platform works, or see how you can implement it most effectively.
Knock down borders and boundaries by asking questions directly to one of us, the people who know Betty best.

To the developers:

It’s important to bring your own laptop! Also, make sure it's fully charged.