Real estate (management)

Further digitisation is an important topic in the real estate sector. The use of mobile applications in service management, in particular, is growing. At Betty Blocks applications such as these are being developed.

De Kabath

In the real estate protection industry managing endless data on temporary users and owners of buildings is a time-consuming process. Which was one reason for De Kabath to adopt the Betty Blocks app. De Kabath has now worked with a user-friendly system for many years that is accessible to every employee at all times. “De Kabath’s system ensures the best possible services for existing and new customers. In this way, De Kabath can function quickly and effectively. The ability to constantly update the app and to expand functionalities gives them a very strong position in the market.” De Kabath protects owners of empty properties against unwanted financial, legal and social consequences of vacant real estate. De Kabath advises, implements and supervises. The Betty Blocks application includes all of the processes within De Kabath, from contract management to service management. Download case