Many companies depend on hour registration and sound project administration. The Betty Blocks app platform is used to automate processes such as these quickly and easily.

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

How do you prepare more than 46,000 students with various educational backgrounds, internships and needs for life in the real world? How do you efficiently put them in contact with a network consisting of more than 15,000 companies, organisations, HR managers and clients? How do you ensure that, with just a few clicks, more than 3,300 lecturers have insight into the conduct and progress of student internships? On the Betty Blocks platform an advanced, mobile accessible and easy-to-use Customer Relations Management System has been established for the HvA. Up and running within a few weeks. “We are now much better able to match supply and demand for practical assignments and internships. We also once again have insight into the progress and we can guide students much more efficiently.” Download case


To stay ahead, organisations such as Unilever, Ahold, KPMG and ING continuously invest in the knowledge level of their employees. At educational institute PLUC! employees and those subject to PE choose from a high-quality range of study programmes and courses. PLUC! Facilitates and removes its clients’ concerns by taking all of their administrative processes out of their hands. To meet the needs of clients optimally, PLUC! had Betty Blocks develop a Learning Management System for them. One that was easy to use, could be set up flexibly and that was in compliance with the strict (safety) requirements that their clients set for them.” Download case