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Paying for end users is a thing of the past

Accelerate application delivery throughout your organisation

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per month
  • 45 models
  • 35 actions
  • 35 endpoints
  • 5 web services
  • 2gb storage

  • unlimited users
  • unlimited developers
  • unlimited applications


per month
  • 100 models
  • 80 actions
  • 80 endpoints
  • 10 web services
  • 4gb storage

  • unlimited users
  • unlimited developers
  • unlimited applications


per month
    • 175 models
    • 130 actions
    • 130 endpoints
    • 15 web services
    • 6gb storage

    • unlimited users
    • unlimited developers
    • unlimited applications


per month
  • 300 models
  • 250 actions
  • 250 endpoints
  • 25 web services
  • 10gb storage

  • unlimited users
  • unlimited developers
  • unlimited applications


  • 300+ models
  • 250+ actions
  • 250+ endpoints
  • 25+ web services

  • unlimited users
  • unlimited developers
  • unlimited applications

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Pay per user is dead

You only pay for what you use, not who uses it. No more holding back in making your applications successful, no more limitations. You will only be charged for the complexity of your app. So start inviting!

Need more than one app?

Looking to scale up your business? We think along with the possibilities of your business and offer personalised multi-app pricing plans.

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Having a difficult time choosing your plan? We're here to help. Compare your needs to the examples below and start building today!

In dire need of new back office software? The Betty Blocks platform makes continuous improvement possible which provides the flexibility that other back office systems often lack. Starting from €500 per month.

Looking to accelerate the digital transformation in your organisation? The Betty Blocks platform allows you to rapidly build, test and implement innovative applications. Start making your business future-proof, start building with Betty Blocks. Starting from €1500 per month.

Ready to build your future-proof mobile app? Betty Blocks offers a multi-device ready platform that allows you to customize the front-end of an application to specifically serve mobile purposes. Starting from €500 per month.

Your CRM application can be used as a competitive weapon to win against your competition. This is exactly why your CRM should fit your business, not the other way around. Use Betty Blocks to build your own custom CRM and start accelerating your business. Starting from €1000 per month.

The only way that project management objectives can be met is through the use of effective project management software. The Betty Blocks platform allows projects to be completed better, faster and cheaper. Starting from €1000 a month.

Having a reliable, branded self-service portal that your customers can turn to can help you reduce cost, ticket volume and increase efficiency. Starting at €1000 a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • #1Are Betty Blocks users really free? What’s the catch?

    Yes they are! And there's no catch! We don't care if you invite one employee or a thousand. Instead, our pricing is based on the functionality in your application.

  • #2How do I request a quote?

    Requesting an obligation-free quote is easy! Contact us right away and we'll provide a quote that fits your needs.

  • #3What is included in my Betty Blocks subscription?

    Your subscription includes hosting, back-ups, security, unlimited users, bi-weekly updates and more!

  • #4I need more apps. Can I get a special offer?

  • #5I have more questions about Betty Blocks

    Great! We have more answers! Please contact us via mail, phone or directly via chat (icon bottom-right).

  • #6What are models, actions, pages and web services?

    Models: Models represent database tables in our cloud, some elements like enumerations are not counted as a model. For example: a table with customers in it is one model.

    Actions: Actions are visual diagrams that execute logic or workflows. One action could be: get a list of customers from the database, batch update their emailaddress, mail all the customers and send a SMS to them via an external API.

    Pages: Pages are built using the Web module in the platform, they are always custom and our default generated back-office isn't counted as page. One page could also be an custom endpoint with HTML, Javascript, CSS or JSON on it.

    Webservices: Webservices are external services loaded into your application. One web service could be loading in the "Exact Online API". This counter updates each time a new service is connected.

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per month
Build your own CRM

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  • 52 data models
  • 34 actions
  • 28 endpoints

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Build in just 2 weeks

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