Integrate the Betty Blocks platform seamlessly & simple

The Betty Blocks platform integrates seamlessly with every other system. From a complex enterprise IT-landscape to databases, and from stand-alone applications to web services.
Your company rests on this infrastructure and the carefully coordinated processes.

The Betty Blocks platform is open, connected & versatile.

As an independent front end application or as a back end connection with other systems.
With the Betty Blocks platform, you develop your own features, expand your current infrastructure or create a new and future-proof core.

User-friendly, simple & flexible.

Integrate everything Optimise your IT infrastructure with the Betty Blocks platform


Every application you build with the Betty Blocks platform integrates through an API with existing systems like an accounting or ERP system.

Standard connections

These connections come standard with the Betty Blocks platform.
  • Twinfield
  • Exact - Online / Globe / Synergy
  • Web services

Enterprise Service Bus

Especially with legacy applications, an ESB is used for connecting your application with the Betty Blocks platform. In a complex IT landscape, the Betty Blocks platform is now used as middleware.


Web services, SOAP, REST & OData

You connect with other systems through an API (Application Programming Interface). Think about connections like:
SOAP, REST, OData, web & cloud services.

Other integration options

  • SFTP
  • File import

Integrate your own API

Developing with the Betty Blocks platform is completely in the browser. When you program your own API, you call this through a model action on the Betty Blocks platform. This way, you integrate with your own system / code.