image CreditPay

An innovative, agile, & user-friendly Factoring Management System, built with the Betty Blocks platform.

image manages all invoice data in a Betty Blocks application

image Innax

Inspection forms from Innax were based on Excel sheets. Not anymore. With the Betty Blocks platform, the inspection flow is converted to an automated, digital one

image Delta

Webshops rely on the Betty Blocks platform too. Delta Hoist's web shop is one of them.

image Alsare

Alsare development & advice uses a new presentation and registration system based on the Betty Blocks platform. The new application replaces the old and inflexible MS Access application.

image Con Amore

The core of medical training institution Con Amore rests on the Betty Blocks platform. Entering user data and sending invoices is now managed from one central place and within one workflow.

image CS Factoring

Live within 5 days with the Credit Sales factoring solution. Accessible on any device from anywhere in the world for customers and employees. Including a seamless integration with accounting software Twinfield.

image CS Factoring

Download the CS Factoring customer case

image Freelance Factoring

An innovative, agile & user-friendly Factoring Management System, developed with the Betty Blocks platform.

image Snijder

Process simplification, an increased efficiency, & insight in the debtors base. This all had to be realised within 1 week. Challenge accepted & signed, sealed & delivered. Snijder Incasso's IT is now based on a Betty Blocks core.

image Snijder

Download the Snijder customer case

image Symbid

Crowdfunding platform Symbid manages and processes all data in their Betty Blocks back end.

image Willems

Willems Gerechtsdeurwaarders (Bailiffs) utilises the Betty Blocks platform as a portal for debtors.

image De Kabath

For years now, De Kabath Real Estate Protection has its workflow based on the Betty Blocks platform. They manage countless of data from temporary users and owners of buildings in one application.

image De Kabath

Download the De Kabath customer case

image Morgenwerk

Payrolling & matching temps with vacancies; Morgenwerk uses a Betty Blocks application to process their work.

image Morgenwerk

Download the Morgenwerk customer case

image Solutions4ERP

Solutions4ERP offers a tool to safely monitor the communication between a healthcare provider and Vecozo. The Betty Blocks platform seamlessly integrates with the Vecozo system.

Development & Management by Solutions4ERP

image UGO

Real-time info from a mobile application to the Drive UGO cloud because of smart system integration of the Betty Blocks platform.

image UGO

Download the UGO customer case