Finance & Accounting

image CreditPay

An innovative, agile, & user-friendly Factoring Management System, built with the Betty Blocks platform.


The digital suggestion box of KPMG. A new app with ADFS connection (Active Directory Federation Services). As an employee, you can use your KPMG credentials to log in at the Betty Blocks platform. The first cloud-based app within KPMG integrated with user management.

image Vivat

A major player in the insurance industry is Vivat. Because of their asset management system -developed with the Betty Blocks platform- work processes are now simplified & efficient and the data is well organised.

image Vivat

Download the Vivat customer case

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton relies on Betty Blocks platform for their online accounting system.

Grant Thornton develops multiple applications

image CS Factoring

Live within 5 days with the Credit Sales factoring solution. Accessible on any device from anywhere in the world for customers and employees. Including a seamless integration with accounting software Twinfield.

image CS Factoring

Download the CS Factoring customer case

Freelance Factoring

An innovative, agile & user-friendly Factoring Management System, developed with the Betty Blocks platform.


Faster, easier and more efficient. MEEUS' marketing rests - for both front and backend- on the Betty Blocks platform. A tool is developed for insights, cross-selling and after-service

Proteq Dier & Zorg

Proteq Dier & Zorg utilises the Betty Blocks platform as a CRM system for partner sales support. In addition, Betty WebBlocks takes care of the lead funnel for Proteq Dier & Zorg.

image Snijder

Process simplification, an increased efficiency, & insight in the debtors base. This all had to be realised within 1 week. Challenge accepted & signed, sealed & delivered. Snijder Incasso's IT is now based on a Betty Blocks core.

image Snijder

Download the Snijder customer case


Crowdfunding platform Symbid manages and processes all data in their Betty Blocks back end.


Willems Gerechtsdeurwaarders (Bailiffs) utilises the Betty Blocks platform as a portal for debtors.