image KH Engineering

KH Engineering uses the Betty Blocks platform for their project management system. KH Engineering has now insight in which hours to book on projects and they can monitor the progress at the same time.

image KPMG

The digital suggestion box of KPMG. A new app with ADFS connection (Active Directory Federation Services). As an employee, you can use your KPMG credentials to log in at the Betty Blocks platform. The first cloud-based app within KPMG integrated with user management.

image Ymere

Digitization of Ymere's service system. Faster, more simplified and more flexible because of the Betty Blocks platform.

Ymere manages de application

image Rouwservice Nederland

Rouwservice Netherlands has new software based on the Betty Blocks platform. Digitalisation for further growth and a tablet-based application for drivers.

image HvA

A large university as HvA matches high-potential students with high-quality workplaces thanks to Betty Blocks platform. The advanced, mobile, accessible and easy-to-use Relationship Management System is achieved within 3 weeks.

image HvA

Download the HvA customer case

image Vivat

A major player in the insurance industry is Vivat. Because of their asset management system -developed with the Betty Blocks platform- work processes are now simplified & efficient and the data is well organised.

image Vivat

Download the Vivat customer case

image Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton relies on Betty Blocks platform for their online accounting system.

Grant Thornton develops multiple applications

image MEEUS

Faster, easier and more efficient. MEEUS' marketing rests - for both front and backend- on the Betty Blocks platform. A tool is developed for insights, cross-selling and after-service

image Proteq Dier & Zorg

Proteq Dier & Zorg utilises the Betty Blocks platform as a CRM system for partner sales support. In addition, Betty WebBlocks takes care of the lead funnel for Proteq Dier & Zorg.

image Fuji Seal Europe

After winning the tender process, Betty Blocks has developed the 'Gemeentelijke Ombudsman' for the Municipality of The Hague. This is a Betty Blocks portal where citizens can submit feedback on the municipal government.

image Omring

Omring digitalises more and more thanks to Betty Blocks. The latest application offers an online form that measures the workload amongst employees. Ready and online within 1 week.

image Hessing

In just 1 week, the old MS-Access application at Hessing was replaced for a Betty Blocks application. The workflow of Hessing's accounts receivable process, is now fully automated.