image KH Engineering

KH Engineering uses the Betty Blocks platform for their project management system. KH Engineering has now insight in which hours to book on projects and they can monitor the progress at the same time.

image KPMG

The digital suggestion box of KPMG. A new app with ADFS connection (Active Directory Federation Services). As an employee, you can use your KPMG credentials to log in at the Betty Blocks platform. The first cloud-based app within KPMG integrated with user management.

image Ymere

Digitization of Ymere's service system. Faster, more simplified and more flexible because of the Betty Blocks platform.

Ymere manages de application

image Sligro

image Tele2

image City of Amsterdam


Inspection forms from Innax were based on Excel sheets. Not anymore. With the Betty Blocks platform, the inspection flow is converted to an automated, digital one

Rouwservice Nederland

Rouwservice Netherlands has new software based on the Betty Blocks platform. Digitalisation for further growth and a tablet-based application for drivers.

GGD Zaanstreek-Waterland

Faster, more agile and easier, is what Sawadee - a major player in the ever-changing travel industry- was looking for. After continuous improvement, the core of Swadee's IT is now fully Betty Blocks.

BDO Netherlands

ZON Energy utilises the Betty Blocks platform as a project management tool for scheduling and placing solar panels

Azbil Telstar

Betty Blocks partner QNH realised a custom made time registration system for VSB within 2 weeks.

The Ocean Cleanup

Webshops rely on the Betty Blocks platform too. Delta Hoist's web shop is one of them.

European Association of Urology

Alsare development & advice uses a new presentation and registration system based on the Betty Blocks platform. The new application replaces the old and inflexible MS Access application.

NS Groep

The core of medical training institution Con Amore rests on the Betty Blocks platform. Entering user data and sending invoices is now managed from one central place and within one workflow.

image HvA

A large university as HvA matches high-potential students with high-quality workplaces thanks to Betty Blocks platform. The advanced, mobile, accessible and easy-to-use Relationship Management System is achieved within 3 weeks.

image HvA

Download the HvA customer case

Clifford Chance

UNC Plus Delta manages quality processes with the Betty Blocks platform. All aspects of training are monitored and analysed with a Betty Blocks application. The application was developed within one day

image Vivat

A major player in the insurance industry is Vivat. Because of their asset management system -developed with the Betty Blocks platform- work processes are now simplified & efficient and the data is well organised.

image Vivat

Download the Vivat customer case

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton relies on Betty Blocks platform for their online accounting system.

Grant Thornton develops multiple applications

Gemeente Den Haag

An innovative, agile, & user-friendly Factoring Management System, built with the Betty Blocks platform.

image Baker Tilly Berk

Live within 5 days with the Credit Sales factoring solution. Accessible on any device from anywhere in the world for customers and employees. Including a seamless integration with accounting software Twinfield.

image Baker Tilly Berk

Download the Baker Tilly Berk customer case


An innovative, agile & user-friendly Factoring Management System, developed with the Betty Blocks platform.


Faster, easier and more efficient. MEEUS' marketing rests - for both front and backend- on the Betty Blocks platform. A tool is developed for insights, cross-selling and after-service

Proteq Dier & Zorg

Proteq Dier & Zorg utilises the Betty Blocks platform as a CRM system for partner sales support. In addition, Betty WebBlocks takes care of the lead funnel for Proteq Dier & Zorg.


Process simplification, an increased efficiency, & insight in the debtors base. This all had to be realised within 1 week. Challenge accepted & signed, sealed & delivered. Snijder Incasso's IT is now based on a Betty Blocks core.


Crowdfunding platform Symbid manages and processes all data in their Betty Blocks back end.

Gemeente Utrecht

Willems Gerechtsdeurwaarders (Bailiffs) utilises the Betty Blocks platform as a portal for debtors.

Fuji Seal Europe

After winning the tender process, Betty Blocks has developed the 'Gemeentelijke Ombudsman' for the Municipality of The Hague. This is a Betty Blocks portal where citizens can submit feedback on the municipal government.

Den Helder

To have better insights in healthcare products and contracts, a portal was developed within 2 weeks.

Hollands Kroon

Within just 2 weeks an invoice system was developed for collecting sufferance tax.

image Hoorn

"Betty Blocks did it". The GGK wasn't ready in time for secure message exchange between the municipal & healthcare providers. Betty Blocks realised a working proof of concept within 2 hours

image Hoorn

Download the Hoorn customer case

Danieli Corus

Healthcare purchasing for 7 boroughs of Utrecht-West was manually done in Excel. Now, with the Betty Blocks platform, their workflow is automated within 1 week.


Within 1 month the web shop for the 'Participate with Zaandstad' (Meedoen Zaanstad) program was developed. Organisations offer all kinds of sports in which parents & children can partake.

Partner QNH developed the web shop within 1 month


Omring digitalises more and more thanks to Betty Blocks. The latest application offers an online form that measures the workload amongst employees. Ready and online within 1 week.

Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken

Developed within 1 day. A Betty Blocks & Betty WebBlocks login portal for suppliers.

Further development by Duif International

image NH1816

Payrolling & matching temps with vacancies; Morgenwerk uses a Betty Blocks application to process their work.

image NH1816

Download the NH1816 customer case

Kennemer Wonen

Kennemer Wonen's workflow is digitalised with the Betty Blocks platform.


In just 1 week, the old MS-Access application at Hessing was replaced for a Betty Blocks application. The workflow of Hessing's accounts receivable process, is now fully automated.


Javo utilises the Betty Blocks platform for better insights in the production machines. This increases the efficiency of the production process and durability of the machines.

Developed by Betty Blocks & further development by

image NMH-SRO

A purchase order management application was realised in just 1 week. The purchase flow & communication with suppliers is now fast, flexible and easy.

image NMH-SRO

Download the NMH-SRO customer case

Rexel manages all invoice data in a Betty Blocks application


NCCW uses a 'take-over' application for tenants who terminate their rental contract. With this application, people can offer their furniture to the next tenant.


Solutions4ERP offers a tool to safely monitor the communication between a healthcare provider and Vecozo. The Betty Blocks platform seamlessly integrates with the Vecozo system.

Development & Management by Solutions4ERP


A fully customised solution for Bolk Transport. Fast, flexible and user-friendly. A calculation tool for specific transport services has been developed with the Betty Blocks platform.

image UGO

Real-time info from a mobile application to the Drive UGO cloud because of smart system integration of the Betty Blocks platform.

image UGO

Download the UGO customer case



Gilde Opleidingen

City of Alkmaar

Digital Health Center

Waterschap Zuiderzeeland


City of Amsterdam



RMB Field Marketing





Humanitas DMH


Geodan Geo Services

Gemeente Groningen

Finco Fuel Group



Con Amore