Betty Blocks Release Notes

Betty Blocks is a rapid development platform where quality, functionality and security has our highest concerns. On this pages release notes are posted regularly. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you have any questions.

Version 5.30.1 (August 2017)

- Scoped changes and performance monitoring of builder items. You will be able to see scoped changes and performance data of actions or expression properties for example. - Advanced model property validations. You can create multiple property validations (by expressions) with customized messages. - Customizable panel widths of pages in the back office. The width can be changed to determine the right size. - Required action input variables are validated on value presence. - Improved drag & drop feature in the web UI builder. Dragging would become better and the drag target is more clear. - Improved design mode in the web UI builder. Components are getting active on click instead of on hover for example. - Undo and redo functionality in the web UI builder. Undo actions you have made to restore the previous page markup. - Improved sorting of grid filters and form components in the back office. Sorting will be a lot faster in builder mode. Unfortunately, bugs happen in software development. We will release fixes for these bug reports: - Changes of action event aren't updated in the cache properly. - Action events aren't placed (visually) next to each other correctly. - Changing the name of a web service header variable is also emptying the value. - The header variables table of web services isn't displayed correctly with large header values.

Version 5.29.1 (July 2017)

We will release the following enhancements/ features:
  • Custom model validations. To make use of object validations in your custom frontend (in the web module). The property validation is handled server site.
  • The application switcher. Switch from your current application to other applications (and sandboxes) very easily. You don't have to leave the app anymore.
  • Page layouts and Partials in the web UI builder. Build a page layout once and reuse it over and over again in your project. The same goes for partials.
  • Process imported records. You can select a callback action in the import event to execute.
  • Digital notation of minute and minute expression property in the back office.
  • Dynamic file name in the export action event. The file name could now be based on an expression.
  • Relocation of the action's run manually button. This button is placed in the action's header now.
  • New expression function to count limited collections variable.
  • The base64_decode expression function supports setting a file extension.
Unfortunately, bugs happen in software development. We will release fixes for these bug reports:
  • Proper error handling at SFTP errors in the logging.
  • Sing host in combination with mutation logging returns an error.
  • Binary file formats aren't saved properly.
  • XPath expression functions aren't visible in the logs.

Version 5.28.1 (May 2017)

  • Vertical fly-out builder bar for folded items, instead of horizontally. The interface looks much calmer and this feature helps to navigate even better through the builder bar items.
  • Improved loading performance for actions and action events in builder mode. Applications with many actions and action events should benefit the most of this improvement.
  • Online users grid. To see which users are online and since when. Also, you can send them notifications and force them to log out. This view will only be visible to builders with read permissions to the User model.
  • Online user presence to back office forms. To see which users have opened the same back office forms. Users will appear in the form header. This feature becomes an application option and is switched off by default.
  • The full-screen option at actions to see workflows on a bigger canvas.
  • Sortable properties by drag and drop in the export definition list.
  • Improved error handling of HTTP action events. Currently, HTTP events stop running when an error occurs. The error can now be set as a variable when an HTTP request fails and turns into an error. In this case, you can design a proper error handling.
  • Zip and unzip action event for files. You can now unzip a file property which you can assign to a multifile property and the other way around.
  • A new expression function which generates an UUID (unique identifier). This new generate_uuid expression can be used to make certain items unique, based on the UUID principles and structure.
Fixed bugs
  • Validation notifications of inline editable form components aren’t shown properly.
  • The save and export buttons in the export modal are shown two times.
  • The export file type always changes to Excel even when CSV is saved.
  • Opening the back office module always opens the first section, even when another section was already opened.
  • The yellow builder bar (which indicates that you are in builder mode) is shown in places where it is not allowed.
  • Exporting in the back office returns the application to the first view reference.

Version 5.27.1 (March 2017)

  • Added the expression ‘present?' as counterpart of ‘blank?’.
  • You can now use asset url’s (as liquid tags) in PDF templates. You don’t have to insert the complete link.
  • Improved the animation of sliding panes/ forms.
  • Added the HTTP method PATCH to web service endpoints to use as request method. We now support GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and PATCH.
  • You can now use the ‘Include' tag for PDF and e-mail templates to make use of partials
  • Added a label value for file names in the export modal in the back office.
  • Introducing web components in the UI Builder to apply pieces of JavaScript to specific components. We started with the tab group component.
  • Created a file wizard for the image component in the UI Builder to insert files very easily.
  • Improved the dynamic form component in the UI Builder.
Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed that debug logging on a POST endpoint did only work when debug logging on the action was enabled.
  • Fixed a message language bug after an action was successfully saved.
  • Fixed that dependors in the validates by expression feature are out commented instead of destroyed.
  • Fixed that decimal properties had a untranslated label for ‘scale’.
  • Fixed that data properties in conditions rows with the statement ‘is after or at’ were resulting in a Invalid Expression Error.
  • Fixed some issues where too many dependent items were deleted after deleting some variables.
  • Fixed a bug where the import action event could not import .xlsx files properly.

Version 5.26.1 (February 2017)

  • Loading records in the grids to all production applications are now switched to the Betty6 platform code.
  • Added product changes in-app. You are now able to see all the changes made to the platform directly from your app.
  • Added visibility conditions to subviews in the back office. 
  • Added some background improvements to the frontend builder, for example to all component that are supported yet.
  • Improved web services. It’s now possible to read response headers from responses. Also we added a proper handling for ‘empty’ JSON response. 
  • Added a visual picker for seconds to time properties.
  • Improved the lookup grids to back office forms. The filter and source settings also apply to the lookup grid.
  • Improved the export functionality of grid views. The current columns in the grid view are defined in the export definition by default. 
  • Added a checkbox to the export definition overview to include or exclude export column headers.
  • Added a proper error handling to file properties when uploading a file extension that is not allowed.
  • You can now switch page and dashboard icons as subviews in the back office.  
  • Improved the validations on properties. Added the validates by expression feature.
  • Made some layout improvements: Builder mode results in a gray overlay to the application data, max width of images on the form, etc.
  • Improved the look and feel of the new web page (endpoint) popup. 
  • Improved the import error handling in a more user-friendly way. 

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed an issue where the grid search was case-sensitive.
  • Fixed an authentication issue to iframe pages in the back office.
  • Fixed that label values were exported as columns in the grid instead of name values.
  • Fixed a bug that a grid export results into a preview of the first.
  • Fixed a bug that checkboxes and list properties were not inline editable.
  • Fixed a copy paste issue to the rich text (HTML) form component in Safari.
  • Fixed an issue where input variables caused for unpredictable results.
  • Fixed a bug that list property and checkbox values were not disabled when builder mode is activated.
  • Fixed that values were not set back when changing form component values and then canceled it.
  • Fixed a bug in the column of a rich text (HTML) component. The
    tag was not deleted even the component had no value set.

Version 5.24.1 (December 2016)


  • You are now able to add event to the 'else-flow' of condition events.
  • Redesigned the UI builder bar, moved it to the left of the screen and added some new cool features as well.
  • Allow selected color in a list property to be deselected.
  • Add possibility to set the value of a radio button group component to 'None' when property has presence validation turned of.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue where filtering on a test expression with a text input variable wasn't possible.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering on a url property did not work as expected.

Version 5.23.2 (November 2016)

  • Brand new Logs interface which allows for deeper inspection when debugging actions for example. 
  • The object switcher can now navigate to template tabs. 
  • Improved html component editor. 
  • Allow Excel sheets to be imported directly into Betty Blocks. 
  • Improved speed of Twinfield processing. 
  • Allow public key authentication in sftp events.
  • Add new arrow on the sides of the models in the schema view from where relations can be drawn 
  • Introducing custom models. This makes the use of web services easier. 
  • You are now able to configure the amount of email tracking that is applied. 

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug where save button wouldn't work after removing a variable 
  • Fix grids when used with combination of filters and sum so scroll bar will still be visible.
  • Improvement on email validations.

Version 5.23.1 (November 2016)

  • It's now possible to add confirmation messages to batch actions. Confirmation messages are set globally while creating/editing actions.
  • It's now possible to add help text's to models.
  • Fixed an issue where a file property was sometimes not usable in after-create events.
  • It's now possible to refresh forms with the 'r' key shortcut.
  • New templates get a default kind that is the same as the currently applied filter.
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed issue where object switcher shortkey did not work as expected in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where creating new endpoints was not possible in latest Firefox version.

Version 5.22.1 (October 2016)

  • Show webservice description for http-request events in diagram
  • Added various new currency options to price properties.
  • Tooltips can be multiline to apply some basic styling.
  • Added more hashing functions to our expression parser. The new functions are sha384, hmac_sha384, sha512 and hmac_sha512
  • Added 'to_json()' function to the expression parser for turning items into a JSON representation.
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed UI glitch when creating a new endpoint in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where url properties did not get an input fields in forms.
  • Fixed issue where UTF8 characters were being escaped when using str() in expressions
  • Fixed issue where clearing an order field in collection variables did not work as expected.
  • Fix bug with association endpoints that they are no longer selectable. Fix bug with self referencing relations.
  • Fixed an issue where validation of variable names could sometimes not work as expected.

Version ​5.21.3 (September 2016)

  • Add ability to edit properties and variables in the model browser.
  • Show where a template in used.
  • The object switcher can now find developer views as well.
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed an issue where a new created variable did not immediately appear in variables list.
  • Fixed an edge- case issue where deleting of views did not work as expected.
  • Fixed cursor in object switcher in Windows environments.
  • Fixed an issue where object switcher still showed old name after renaming a model.

Version 5.21.2 (September 2016)

  • Allow both cmd & ctrl-key for selecting multiple filters at once. This is especially useful for Windows users.
  • Allow input-variables to be marked as required.
  • Input-variables in actions and endpoints that are not supplied on execution are now considered nil instead of undefined.
  • Improved email address property validation.
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed issue where displayed time in log-entry was 2 hours off.
  • Fix for refreshing of application on filter submit with enter key.
  • Fixed issue where UTF8 characters were being escaped when using str() in expressions

Version 5.21.1 (September 2016)

  • Added shortcut 'f' for toggling the filterbar in the current opened view.
  • Spaces in endpoints paths are now removed as the cannot be used anyways.
  • Put created_at and updated_at properties by default in their own fieldset.
  • OAuth is from now the way to connect with ExactOnline.
  • Add action configuration option to show a popup after an action finishes.
  • Tooltips are shown on mouseenter event and cursor changed.
  • Improved login screen behavior in IE11.
  • Look & feel improvement! Implemented a branding update and added module switcher.
  • Added shortkey 'c' for clearing the log.
  • Added shortkey 'r' for refreshing the current opened grid.
  • Made uniq() available in expressions.
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed an issue where esc key did not work as expected in textareas.
  • Fixed issue where an error could occur when using long names in Excel export.
  • Fix using betty authentication in combination with url parameters when the user still needs to login.
  • Fix for long labels causing select input in action var's getting too wide.
  • Only enabled batch actions are shown in views.
  • Fix possible error message after uploading an image in a complex form.

Version 5.20.2 (August 2016)

  • Show richtext in read-only version of richtext component
  • HTTP request events now have a new option, query parameters. All GET requests that previously had body parameters, now have these as query parameters. If you still want a GET request with a body, you can set these for the body. Otherwise, use the query parameters.
  • You can now define headers at webservice level.
  • You can now edit webservices / endpoints that belong to a webblocks endpoint Only for events that belong to the endpoint action directly. Nesting is still work in progress.
  • You can now add help_text to webservices. This field is used solely for documentation
  • Alle webservice/endpoint/authentication select values are now humanized
  • Webservice Endpoints will now be shown properly after selecting "new" for either webservice or webservice endpoint when creating an HTTP-request event.
  • Webservice Endpoints now have the option of selecting [inherit from webservice] for the response and request content-type fields. They no longer have the option to leave this field blank.
  • Also show test button for action when trigger is not manually.
Fixed bugs
  • Selecting 'new template' now actually creates a new template for an endpoint
  • Fix bug when deleting model with a period sum/count property
  • Fixed issue where resizing of grid columns did not work as expected in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual endpoint editor did not work as expected in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed time property use in combination with date time expression variables.
  • Improve matching of endpoints while using multiple dynamic matchers

Version 5.19.3 (July 2016)

  • Should now be able to indent multiple lines with tab in the html editor
  • Clear "add" option on model change for Create Event
  • All disabled properties in the variable browser will now be at the bottom end of the list. So all the active properties will be together.
  • You can now use expressions in the sftp-upload event directory option.
  • Count() in expression now also works with text values
Fixed bugs 
  • Fixed an interface issue in the condition field of mailbox scenarios.

Version 5.19.2 (July 2016)

  • Add the ability to use public files in mail attachments and add the ability to use the file asset tags in mail templates. 
  • Add 'require sms verification' option to sign-host events. We are introducing the UI editor. With the UI builder, it's a lot easier and faster to create pages. 
  • Made index() and sample() method available in expressions. 

Fixed bugs 

  • Fixed issue where date(time) values could have an unexpected offset in Excel exports. 
  • Fixed an issue where a component's value was not stored correctly on certain Android devices. 
  • Relation components with a filter will now correctly update when a dependent item has changed. 
  • Fixed issue where date(time)-picker component's value was not stored correctly when entered manually. 
  • Fixed issue where export dropdown was wrongly aligned in Firefox.

Version 5.19.1 (July 2016)

  • Now able to use page and dashboard in subview. While using iframe link in while in a subview the iframe also get's a record_id variable of the page. New feature is you are now able to listen to the message event on window object and receive data about the height of the iframe window. This is so you will be able to create a scroll bar when the iframe is larger then the betty window.
  • Redesign of the model/variable browser.
Fixed bugs
  • Fix grids when used with combination of filters and sum so scroll bar will still be visible.

Version 5.18.3 (June 2016)

  • Add callback type to skip callback list for easier readability.
  • You are able to fetch an endpoints variables by adding .variables to the url.
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed an issue where buttons of pdf component did only appear after a manual refresh.
  • Keep previous value on switching between 'use expression' and 'use filter'.
  • Fix grids when used with combination of filters and sum so scroll bar will still be visible.
  • Fixed issue where new created variable was not immediately visible.
  • Fixed an issue where assigning an invalid value to a minutes property could cause a server error.
  • Fixed an issue where order-direction of an object/collection variable was not shown correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where enter key did not work as expected in confirmation popups.
  • Fixed an issue where filter did not get reset when changing model of an object or collection variable.

Version 5.18.2 (June 2016)

  • Introducing 'webservices'. You can reuse your webservice in different http-request events.
  • Improve loading page performance.
  • Add `rand` currency to price properties.
  • Function `monday_of_week_number(var:year, var:weeknumber)` is now available in expressions.

Version 5.18.1 (June 2016)

  • Add new multi image
  • property type for uploading multiple images. 
  • Improved instant updating of expression values in forms. Store webblocks user that triggered a mutation. 
  • Show popup message on switching references while there is changed data. 
  • Allow import event to work synchronously, so next event starts after import is finished. 
  • Fixed an issue where a form was not automatically updated after a background action was finished.
Fixed bugs
  • You are now able to use redirect/render web events inside an action event called from an endpoint action. Add the ability to convert number expression property to more different number types. 
  • Fix interface error on adding new page/dashboard. 
  • Fix possible issue in configuring a model's deduplicate options. 
  • Fixed an issue where the type of an available variable inside a group event could be wrong. 
  • Fix deletion of model giving interface error.

Version 5.17.3


  • Add ability to create variables from the variable browser.
  • Add 'mutation_table' template helper for rendering a table with record mutation information.
  • When switching a form from show mode to edit mode keep validation errors visible.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where a page refresh was required for a belongs-to subview to be updated.
  • Fixed an issue where quick search field was not always visible in autocomplete component popup.

Version 5.17.2 (May 2016)


  • Add description field to global variables.
  • Add the ability to search on date in logs.
  • Ability to compare number with minute property.
  • Replaced confirmation popups by better looking popups. 
  • Appearance of Betty Blocks is improved during loading of page.
  • Add the ability to select multiple files at the same time in a multifile component.
  • Fixed 'bootstrap error' that could occur in certain edge cases. 
  • Expressions now have the functions `keys`, `values` and `fetch` making it easier to access a hash value. keys(var:my_hash) returns a collection of all keys in the hash. values(var:my_hash) returns a collection of all values in the hash fetch(var:my_hash, my_key, my_default) returns the value for a given hash and key, with an optional default in case the key does not exist for the hash.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issue where shift+save did not work as expected in certain cases.
  • Fixed issue where record permissions
  • where not immediately updated after executing an action.

Version 5.16.2 (April 2016)

  • Add option to skip validations in a create or update event 
  • Move signhost configuration to dedicated configuration panes. 
  • Add possibility to enter tooltip text at a component. Humanize event titles for better readability 
  • Select newly created property in popup by default 
  • IE9 is no longer supported. Please upgrade your browser if you are still using it. 
  • Improve performance of sandbox merging 
  • Improve performance when saving records with lots of expressions 
Fixed bugs 
  • Add limit to single line text property of max 255 characters 
  • Fix bug with some property kinds appearing twice kind in dropdown. 
  • Applied a fix for deleting and adding new files to a multi file property leaving duplicates 
  • Fixed issue where action form would not open under certain circumstances. 
  • Fixed so offline mode goes offline at the right moment 
  • Fix ability to use record variable in other variables defined at a PDF property.

Version 5.16.1 (April 2016)


  • Allow admin to view and edit filters from all the roles while in build mode.
  • Add new event kind: user-inviter.
  • Move mailbox configuration to dedicated configuration panes.
  • You are now able to show filters that where hidden by you before.
  • Added option 'Execute in foreground' to events of kind action.
  • Added 'transliterate' helper for turning 'Hëllô Wórld' into 'Hello World' in Liquid.
  • Allow using var:current_user in dashboard widgets.
  • Added possibility to configure reply-to mail address in send-mail event.
  • When a record is modified in a background action the record is updated in the current open form as well.
  • You are now able to configure which form is used for which view.

Fixed bugs

  • Always correctly add new column on the right side.
  • Correctly reset variable on kind switch so other kinds can't effect the new kind settings.
  • Fixed bug where default decimal values were not handled correctly.
  • Fix bug with hash parsing in http request.
  • Fix issue with image uploads in forms with expression properties.
  • Fixed issue where cmd + k could fail to work in certain situations.
  • Fixed issue where manually generation auto-increment property value did not work as expected.
  • Errors in mailbox should now correctly show in application log

Version 5.15.2 (March 2016)

  • You are now able to ignore certain mails when importing a mailbox based on it's sender and/or subject.
  • Added phone number property and component.
  • Add possibility to create a new property directly from the model browser.
  • You are now able to configure a model's de-duplication options in builder. 
  •  Added button to test webservice events. 
  •  Added possibility to use oauth2 in webservice events. 
  •  Add liquid function for fetching hash values in templates. 
  •  Added button to manually test a scheduled or manual action. 
  •  Fixed possible error in time component in Internet Explorer. 
  •  Simplified form where input variables are created and modified.
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed issue where grid totals could be incorrect when used with certain filters. 
  •  When changing the dimensions of an image property, all existing images are changed as well. 
  •  Fixed setting of default view that is opened first. 
  •  Fixed issue where sorting global variables on kind did not work as expected. 
  •  Fixed issue where it looked like an auto-complete cleared itself under certain conditions.

Version 5.15.1 (March 2016)

  • Added a newly designed login page.
  • Added the ability to customize the login page with your own background. It is also possible to customize the login page for one specific application.
  • It is now possible to create a template directly from the pdf property.
  • Added the ability to add the 'all' search-option in grids.
  • Added variable and property kind names to the items in the variable browser.
  • You are now able to configure a client certificate that's send with a http-request.
  • Improved reliability of file and pdf properties.
  • Fixed issue where form bumped up after each keypress under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where selecting a value in auto-complete component grid did not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where files could not be attached when sending an email.
  • Fix a bug that caused skipped callbacks actions to run on deduplicate.
  • Fixed issue where list property did not work as expected when used with validates-presence-when.

Version 5.14.2 (February 2016)

  • Allow storing the result of a merged pdf event into a variable so you can use it in the rest of the action.
  • Added notification message when removing event with sub-events attached.
  • Added checkbox 'notify when executing' which controls if a notification should be shown.
  • Added a keyboard shortcuts overview. (ctrl + / or cmd + /).
  • You can now select and drag multiple models in the data model.
  • Limit the number of complex properties (associations, enums and list) to 50 per model.
  • List property labels will now be displayed correctly when used in pie charts and bar charts.
  • Expression function base64_decode can also handle string values.
  • Fixed a bug where list properties in events could stop working after changing an items value.
  • Allow overriding Twinfield and ExactOnline settings in action events.
  • Fixed issue where global variables were not selectable in property defaults expressions.
  • Fixed bug in search options when the list is empty.
  • Fixed an issue where a model's name was not reusable after being altered.

Version 5.14.1 (February 2016)

  • Make it possible to add variables to PDF properties.
  • Correctly refresh subviews after executing action in form.
  • Fixed an issue where a destroyed property was't removed from import-definition.
  • Date(time) picker component is now default component for date(time) properties.
  • You are now able to create a new template on the fly when creating an event that requires one.
  • You are now able to create a new action on the fly when building an action event.
  • Added new widget type: bar chart.
  • Fixed displaying of longer model names in schema diagram.
  • Fixed default component kind for minutes property.
  • Fixed incorrect order of options in list component.
  • Allow uploading to image components from other sources than camera's.
  • Expression function base64_encode() now also works with texts.
  • Twinfield event if twinfield errors should cancel action.
  • Allow belongs-to property to be set with nil in create/assign/update events.
  • Added new pack() function to expression.
  • Added Betty background to grids.

Version 5.13.3 (February 2016)

  • Added possibility to use 'hmac_sha256()' in expressions.
  • Show colored label of list property in show modus of forms.
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters did not work as expected in HTML input fields.
  • Fixed an issue where select components in forms did not work as expected in offline modus.

Version 5.13.2 (January 2016)

  • Added new property type: autoincrement. This type can be used for all kind of range auto numbering.
  •  Added various new variable types and renamed a few types to be better compatible with property type naming. 
  • Added new widget type: pie chart. 
  • Added some new security options to my.bettyblocks public web app configuration panel. 
  • You are now able to deduplicate on 'id' property when importing. 
  • Allow use of a collection variable in to, cc and bcc option of sendmail event, so you can finally add multiple recipients. 
  • You are now able to sort on longer paths in collection variables. 
  • Show skipped actions in show mode of create/update/destroy event. 
  • Stay in full screen mode when opening other template in full screen mode. 
  • Made log entries selectable. 
  • Add more space in sidebar on small screens. 
  • Checkbox 'enable webblocks' is gone; public webpages are now enabled by default. 
  • Show text when current select component's value is not included in the list. 
  • Fixed a 'server popup' popup after using a delete event. 
  • Fixed issue where a list column could outgrow its space. 
  • Fixed an issue where previous model name was still used in actions after being edited. 
  • Fixed issue where an error message did not appear when saving a template in full screen mode. 
  • When editting a dashboard an incorrect form was used; this is now fixed. 
  • Fixed an issue where a component value could unexpectedly reset when other fields are loaded. 
  • Fixed full screen mode of html component in Firefox. 
  • Fixed an edge case where timezone of datetime values could be of in grids.
  • Fixed issue where autocomplete field did not work as expected in filter editor. 
  • Fixed browser exception that could occur when creating a new model.

Version 5.13.1 (January 2016)

  • The organization logo is shown on the login screen.
  • Added new property type: multi-line text-expression for longer text expressions.
  • Expression properties in forms are immediately calculated, even before the record is saved.
  • The response code in a http-request event is now written into a variable so it can be used for further logic.
  • Added easier configuration of basic auth option in http-request event.
  • Allow direct input in various send mail event option without having to create lots of variables.
  • Improved searching in objectswitcher.
  • Simplified endpoint template form.
  • Show message when opening an item in builder while the previous item has unsaved changes.
  • Improve auto form focussing on several places.
  • Added new property type: time. And added a time picker component as well.
  • Applied misc improvements to builder schema.
  • Applied a fix for select components when working offline.
  • Fixed radio button group together with list property in web blocks forms.
  • Fixed an issue where logline did not render an correct url to the item of subject.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing cancel in builder form did not immediately reset record to previous value.
  • Fixed an issue where cache was not correctly refreshed after sandbox was merged.
  • Fixed an issue where clearing the log did not always work as expected.

Version 5.12.7 (December 2015)

  • Improved look & feel for the scheme diagram. We hope you like it!
  • You can now configure which callback actions to skip in create/update/delete events.
  • Added interface for managing mailboxes.
  • Added interface for managing log mutation options.
  • Added possibility to configure attachments in send mail events.
  • Auto refresh grids when there are expired properties in them.
  • Fixed an issue where folding a fieldset did reset the form.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a list property would add a label component instead of an editable component.
  • Fixed an issue where longer paths where not selectable in endpoint variables.

Version 5.12.6 (December 2015)

  • Added new feature to the auto component: lookup grids. For enhanced searching.
  • Added indexing of properties for faster filtering and ordering.
  • Auto complete does now select the search result on enter if only one result was found.
  • Improved configuring of import events.
  • Improved configuring of ordering in model, views and variables.
  • Applied performance improvements when fetching data in loops.
  • Warning messages are mailed to the application developers as well.
  • Fixed an issue where quicksearch did not behave as expected after removing all search terms.
  • Set focus to the first editable field when opening a form.
  • Fixed issue when opening image in image component.
  • Added various helpful log messages which can help you getting the most out of Betty Blocks.

Version 5.12.5 (December 2015)

  • Use familiar filter interface when configuring permissions.
  • Use familiar filter interface when configuring visibility of button components.
  • Improved usability of the quicksearch.
  • Improved usability of the token-input component.
  • Auto refresh components in forms that were not yet calculated when form was opened.
  • Fixed issue where model browser did not scroll further than 4 levels deep.
  • Fixed an issue where a notification could appear twice. 
  • Show model name in action form.
  • Show colored labels of list property in show forms.
  • Fixed issue where checkboxes where not visible under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where ack. and resolve button in logs did not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where search term was lost after scrolling in builder grids.
  • Fixed an issue where filter editor did work as expected.

Version 5.12.4 (November 2015)

  • During merging applications go into 'maintenance mode' to prevent data loss.
  • The public web page maintenance template that is shown is configurable in My.Bettyblocks.
  • Component values that are not yet calculated auto refresh when they are ready.
  • Use the familiar filter interface when configuring visibility of a fieldset.
  • Cross-site request forgery protection is now configurable per endpoint.
  • Improved interface for managing count properties.
  • Dropped the (bogus) record input-variable in batch model action with preserve records enabled.
  • Endpoint type is now visible in grid.
  • Improved logging appearance. - Improved validation of date and date-time values.
  • Client side application performance is improved on multiple spots.
  • Fixed an issue where component type was not altered after altering a property's type.
  • Fixed an issue where a button was sometimes added twice to an form.
  • Fixed an issue where changing a price property's precision did not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where date/time picker component did not appear as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where big notifications where not closeable.

Version 5.12.3 (November 2015)

  • Introducing the objectswitcher, open it by pressing CTRL (or CMD) + K.
  • Introducing a friendlier interface for configurating image property sizes.
  • Introducing a friendlier interface for input of list-based settings (like file property's extension whitelist).
  • Introducing a friendlier interface for configurating default values for properties.
  • Loading of dependent items in builder is now way faster in big applications.
  • A CSRF is automatically added to instaforms, a liquid helper is available for custom forms.
  • Various items in log messages are clickable for even faster debugging and solving of issues.
  • Fixed an issue where current-user and global variables were allowed in expression properies.
  • Fixed an issue where a new created view disappeared after disabling builder mode.
  • Improved validation error when assigning invalid value to an association property.
  • Improved validation error when assigning invalid value to a zipcode property.
  • Open public web pages in a new tab.

Version 5.12.2 (October 2015)

  • Applied various improvements to show forms in builder.
  • Allowed use of hyphen characters in json variable keys and variable names.
  • Made dependent items in builder clickable, so they are easier traceable.
  • Improved email validation in email address property.
  • Renamed model action event into action event.
  • Allowed radio button group component to be used with a list property.
  • Fixed an styling issue in the grid icon picker.
  • Fixed an issue where logging did not work as expected in scheduled actions.
  • Fixed an issue where a txt file was not importable via an import event.
  • Fixed an issue where a refresh was needed for a new model to appear in schema diagram.
  • Fixed an issue where variable browser showed too many variables in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting from a collection did work in update events.
  • Fixed an issue where a string variable was not assigable to a multiline text property.
  • Fixed an issue where new-property link in schema diagram did not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where a disabled callback model-action could prevent a record from saving.

Version 5.12.1 (October 2015)

  • Added a new show mode for builder forms. You can open edit mode by pressing enter.
  • Stop deleting assign/create/update events when deleting a property that is used in it.
  • Public files and templates forms now show a liquid example for easy implementing.
  • Added clear button to logs grid.
  • Added possibility to browse grids using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • You can request and use the user's locale by defining an endpoint input variable named 'locale'.
  • You can request and use the user's referrer by defining an endpoint input variable named 'referrer'.
  • Fixed a problem where a refresh was required after adding a form to an endpoint.
  • Improved working with date(time) picker components on mobile devices.
  • Fixed a problem where a new form could not be closed by pressing escape.
  • Fixed some edge case problems when searching or filtering in builder grids.
  • Fixed some edge case problems when merging sandboxes. - Applied lots of small improvements to html editor.

Version 5.11.30 (September 2015)

  • Added new property type ‘list’ which superseeds the multiple-choice property.
  • Added ‘enabled’ checkbox to actions and endpoints for quick disabling/enabling.
  • Fixed a rare issue when updating precision of decimal properties.
  • Use the familiar filter interface when setting filter option of select & autocomplete components.
  • Applied various improvements to caching in public web pages.
  • Fixed an issue where a refresh was needed before a new button was added to a form.
  • Fixed an issue where some CSV files could not be imported due to unknown file extensions.
  • Fixed an issue where a wrong endpoint was executed in some rare conditions.

Version 5.11.29 (September 2015)

  • Fixed a problem where a new created grid sometimes appeared more than once.
  • Fixed a problem where an action could be executed twice when pressing enter in input variable screen.
  • Improved positioning of autocomplete and date(time) picker components.
  • Added quicksearch to builder grids.
  • Added sorting possibilities to builder grids.
  • Added tabs to templates list in builder for a better overview.
  • Added various debug options to actions and endpoints.
  • Applied improvements to the log tab so it is more helpful.
  • Show a warning message when accidentally closing export popup.
  • Improved various validation messages in builder forms.

Version 5.11.28 (September 2015)

  • Added various logging options to actions and events for better debugability.
  • HTML output in liquid tags in public web applications is now auto escaped.
  • When using model action events all input-variables are now customizable.
  • Allow customization of public web page session timeout.
  • Allow setting of custom ‘500 error’ page in case things go wrong.
  • Previous versions of templates are now accessible so that they can be restored.
  • Added 'public files' tab for managing public files that can be used in public web applications.
  • Added special javascript and stylesheet templates that are optimized to work with public web applications.
  • Fixed a problem where enabling mutation-logging in sandboxes did not work as expected.
  • Fixed a problem where input of input-variable did not work as expected on touch devices.
  • Improved accessibility of auto-complete component when used near the bottom of forms.
  • Date / time and price properties are now automagically added as components to new forms.
  • Fixed a problem where sorting of tabs did not work as expected.
  • Fixed a problem where sorting of action buttons did not work as expected.
  • Added the builder bar for easier developing.
  • Improve performance of fetching ‘dependent items’ in builder.
  • Added some predefined filters to logs tab.
  • Allow setting of default tab to be first opened in an app.
  • Fixed a problem where certain webblocks options were not copied to sandboxes.

Version 5.11.27 (august 2015)

  • Added ability to use a custom label for a variable in action popup.
  • Added sorting of input variables for use in action popup.
  • Improved naming of property types.
  • When changing a property's type, components types are changed as well.
  • Added limit and offset options to collection variables.
  • Added ability to start an export without opening the export settings.
  • Added button to PDF component to remove attached PDF.
  • Added option to enable caching on endpoints.
  • Applied multiple performance improvements.
  • Fixed a problem where date and datetime components stayed editable after inplace-editting.
  • Fixed a glitch in displaying of html components.
  • Fixed a problem where sidebar tab sometimes stayed active after opening an other.
  • Fixed some glitches in displaying of action diagram.
  • Fixed a problem when dropping attachments into file components.
  • Applied some improvements on mobile layout.
  • Fixed a problem where empty fieldsets stayed visible in Firefox.
  • Fixed a problem where Webblocks settings where not merged.
  • Fixed a problem where enabling mutation-logging in sandboxes did not work as expected.
  • Fixed a problem where configured variables where not usable in render-web-template event's template.
  • Fixed a problem where enum component was displayed vertically when set to horizontally in Webblocks.
  • Applied multiple fixed to logs view.

Version 5.11.26 (july 2015)

  • Fixed a problem where merging a sandbox after changing a property’s type could fail.
  • Improved the layout of the sidebar in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed some obscure problems when importing certain CSV files.
  • Improved layout of import builder. Previously there was sometimes too little space.
  • It’s now possible to use specific versions of your image property in a Webblocks template.
  • Fixed a problem where opening a subview very fast could cause an empty form.

Version 5.11.25 (july 2015)

  • Prevent models and properties required by the system to be modified.
  • Fixed an issue where new expression was not calculated after being merged.
  • Fixed an issue where filename customizing of export name was not possible.
  • Fixed hide-when-blank in subviews.
  • Fixed a problem where widget variables where not visible.
  • Made integer and decimal variables correctly handle invalid values.
  • Improved sorting of components.
  • Improved usability of datetime picker component.
  • Reset custom column widths when admin changes size of a column.
  • Fixed a problem where form sometimes stayed blank after disabling builder mode.

Version 5.11.24 (june 2015)

  • Fixed a problem where longer export definitions were not scrollable.
  • Fixed using predefined dates (like: today) in condition events.
  • Made ‘today’ work as expected in date-time variables (returns current day at midnight).
  • Don’t show welcome flow when impersonating.
  • Made BWB login-redirect-url globally configurable in my.bettyblocks.
  • Made a 404 endpoint globally configurable in my.bettyblocks.
  • Fixed a problem where a page refresh was required after enabling mass-delete.
  • Fixed using ALT+arrow keys in input fields.
  • Fixed a problem where a page refresh was required after changing a component’s path.
  • Made resizing of columns work more smoothly.
  • Immediately focus input field when changing a view’s name.
  • Fixed a problem where spinner did’t show when clicking on action button.
  • Fixed a typecasting issue when passing string values into string/decimal variables.
  • Fixed a problem where a new filter wasn’t editable immediately after saving it.
  • Improved toggling of AND/OR button in filtering.

Version 5.11.23 (june 2015)

  • Fixed a problem where endpoint variables where not able to use other endpoint variables in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem where it was impossible to add a new event under a condition/loop or group event in an endpoint action.
  • Fixed a problem where a form turned blank after adding a button.
  • Fixed white text on white background when changing a view’s description.
  • Removed button to add a column to the grid when a sandbox is present.
  • Fixed an error message when using a enum property without labels in an instaform.
  • When updating the currently logged in user in Webblocks, make sure the updated version is available afterwards.
  • Fixed a problem where price component showed incorrect currency.
  • Correctly validate the redirect-url in redirect-web-page event.
  • Add new created export definition to dropdown without needing to refresh.
  • Catch some advanced expression problems and show them in app’s log.
  • Show a friendlier error message when trying to open events where properties are used that do no longer exist.
  • Applied some improvements to resizing of grid columns.
  • Fixed a problem where inplace-editable select components did not render correctly in some conditions.

Version 5.11.22 (june 2015)

  • Simplified new endpoint action form.
  • New event: redirect-web-page which supersedes redirect-url option of render-web-template event.
  • Press shift+save in forms to immediately return to an empy new form.
  • Applied misc. small improvements to password component.
  • Stop showing endpoint actions in actions list.
  • Improved introduction text when opening an app for the first time as developer.
  • Stop deleting endpoint when connected action, form or template is deleted.
  • Fixed a problem where action variables where not useable in filtered-collections’s filter.
  • Fixed a problem where default values where not set during import of records.
  • Fixed a problem where global variables where not available in endpoints.

Version 5.11.21 (may 2015)

  • Endpoint type is now adjustable afterwards.
  • You are now able to use the logged-in-webblocks-user as a variable directly after a login-web-user event.
  • Object variables have a new option ‘render 404 when not found’ (which speaks pretty much for itself).
  • When using expressions in default values, you can now use your current-webblocks-user.
  • After creating or updating a record via an Instaform, callback model-actions are now executed.
  • Name attribute is added to the properties list in builder.
  • Fixed a problem where components did sometimes not became visible correctly.
  • Endpoint templates are no longer visible in templates overview.
  • Type of rendered object in a webblocks form is now validated.
  • Fixed a problem where action buttons where not editable in Firefox.

Version 5.11.19 (april 2015)

  • Applied some major performance improvements in Betty Web Blocks.
  • You can now change the default width by resizing a column in edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue in the builder where you had to press the save button twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the template editor did not appear as expected in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling was not possible in larger popups.
  • Fixed an issue where component only appeared in new created forms after refreshing manually.

Version 5.11.18 (april 2015)

  • Implemented Usabilla: enter you Usabilla key in my.bettyblocks and you are good to go.
  • When inviting a new user you can now provide your custom invite mail text.
  • You are now able to destroy a form in the builder.
  • Show a friendlier error message when requested record is not found.
  • Show a friendlier error message when trying to create a variable with a name that does already exist.
  • Fixed a problem where changing a property’s type did not always work as expected.
  • Fixed a problem where sum and properties stopped working after adjusting the model’s table name.

Version 5.11.17 (april 2015)

  • Set the global sign in model in My.Bettyblocks for usage in and endpoint
  • You can now directly create your template when building an endpoint in the same form.
  • When an endpoint requires authentication, the user is now available as variable in model-actions.
  • Select components are now fully available in generated forms.
  • File and image components are now fully available in generated forms.
  • Fixed a problem where decimal variables where not working as input-variable.
  • Fixed searching after changing the path of auto-complete components.
  • Improved date/date-time picker in filtering.
  • Fixed a problem when using predefined dates in events.
  • Improved validation of expressions.
  • Fixed a problem where sorting of columns stopped working.

Version 5.11.16 (april 2015)

  • The kind of a property is now adjustable after it’s created.
  • Fixed a problem where grid columns could not be sorted.
  • Made the sha1() function available in expressions.
  • In Builder Endpoints are now sorted by url.
  • Fixed a problem where the model name was not displayed correctly.
  • Improved the layout of the application changes overview.
  • When enabling Betty Web Blocks a default endpoint and template are prepared for you.
  • Redirect url and http status code fields were added as option of the render-web-template event.
  • Besides regular variables, you can now configure input-variables at an endpoint as well. Use them to handle url parameters in your app.
  • Create an applicatie template for your organisation by clicking ‘Promote to template’.
  • You can now upload your organisation’s logo
  • After creating a new application your are automatically added as first user.

Version ​5.11.15 (april 2015)

  • Introduced new form layout.
  • Template editor uses spaces in stead of tabs.
  • Solved a problem where a user was unable to set the add/remove option of a assign/update event
  • Several improvements regarding merging sandbox merging
  • Auto focus a form’s first component
  • Cancelling a form refreshes the old data correctly again
  • Several improvement to in place editing components
  • An endpoint directly links to the representing page
  • Content-type bij endpoints is uit een dropdown te kiezen.
  • Added performance improvements while retrieving objects and collections
  • Being able to add url parameters and use them in a flow
  • Solved a problem where endpoint started with a slash
  • Renamed ‘requires login’ to ‘requires authentication’
  • Clicking an applicatie link opens a new tab in
  • Prevented an extra login after creating an application
  • Improved validation(-messages) at several places

Version 5.11.14 (march 2015)

  • By marking a model a ‘Settings model’ the data will be transferred from and to a sandbox
  • Setting API access for a user is now possible via My Bettyblocks
  • Solved a problem when private browsing.
  • Improved the action editor when showing events
  • Improved stability of the action editor
  • Sum properties can be linked to other sum properties
  • Improved the template editor
  • Solved several problems relating not refreshing settings drop downs
  • Improved sandbox merging
  • Prevented panes from closing when modifying records
  • Improved the cancel flow after editing a record
  • Builder mode stays active after a page refresh

Version 5.11.13

  • Improved the layout and operation of the model- and variablesbrowser
  • Added syntax highlighting in the template editor.
  • Improved the form layout in the ‘Builder’ section
  • By marking a model a ‘Settings model’ the data will be transferred from and to a sandbox
  • Solved several problems with merging sandboxes
  • Improving working of touch features of several components
  • Improved validation is to prevent incorrect default values
  • Added the posibility to set static values in assign/create/update events without adding a variable
  • Prevent existing users to be copied when creating a sandbox
  • Improved logging
  • Added new events login_web_user, logout_web_user en render_template
  • Prevent non developer users from receiving roles when created

Version 5.11.12

  • Renamed the Json variable to Hash variable
  • Expressions gained the read_file() feature. Adding the possibilty to read files
  • Expressions gained the substring() feature
  • Solved a problem where values from periodic-properties in 2015 weren’t readable

Version 5.11.11

  • Added the posibility to use filter-editor-interface when creating a filtered-collection variable
  • Added the posibility to use filter-editor-interface when setting a default-filter to a grid
  • Filter-editor-interface gained the feature to use variables
  • Made setting a http-request event easier
  • Added new property type ‘sum’ to make summarization easier
  • Added new property type ‘count’ to make counting easier
  • Solved a problem where PDF’s incorrectly where converted to Google Drive
  • Solved a problem where saving records in IE10 didn’t uploaded a file correctly
  • Solved a problem where ‘Pages’ weren’t modified correctly
  • Solved a problem where ‘Pages’ in sidebar couldn’t be opened by non-admin users

Version 5.11.10

  • Applied multiple adjustments to the filter editor layout.
  • You can now use the filter editor interface when building condition events.
  • You can now use the filter editor interface when setting visibility-condition of components.
  • You can now use the filter editor interface when setting filter option of object & collection variables.
  • Fixed a problem where records were not updated during import.
  • Fixed a problem where has-and-belongs-to many value was sometimes not persisted with mutation-logging turned on.
  • Text & liquid variable kinds are now deprecated, you should use a string variable instead.

Version 5.11.09

  • Diverse verbeteringen doorgevoerd in de werking van het systeem op mobiele (touch-enabled) browsers.
  • Image & file components zijn nu via een belongs-to property (read-only) in een formulier toe te voegen.
  • Multifile component is uitgebreid met een optie om de bestanden automatisch in een nieuw venster te openen.
  • Het is nu mogelijk om xpath() te gebruiken in expressions. Hiermee zijn XML structuren eenvoudiger uit te lezen.
  • Expressiefunctie base64() is gerenamed naar base64_encode(). Hiernaast is base64_decode() toegevoegd.
  • Er zijn diverse kleine style aanpassingen doorgevoerd.

Version 5.11.08

  • In de sidebar zijn zelf secties aan te maken om je views in in te delen in groepen.
  • De naam van de automatisch aangemaakte ‘omgekeerde relation’ is nu inzichtelijk bij relations.
  • De ingestelde foreign-key is nu inzichtelijk bij has-many en belongs-to relations.
  • In expressions is base64() beschikbaar om bestanden als tekst te te behandelen.
  • Probleem opgelost waar geselecteerde waarde in dropdown in filtering soms gereset werd.
  • Probleem opgelost waar in uitzonderlijke gevallen sommige rijen niet in een export terecht kwamen.
  • Lege subviews worden altijd getoond in de builder modus, zelfs als ‘hide when empty’ aan staat.

Version 5.11.07

  • Probleem opgelost waardoor mandrill mailstatistieken in sommige gevallen niet goed opgeslagen werden.
  • Probleem opgelost waardoor tekst in de grid niet te selecteren was.
  • In expressies zijn nil?(), blank?() en sha256() bruikbaar.
  • Bij een endpoint zijn nu variables instelbaar. Deze zijn te gebruiken in de webblocks-templates.
  • Probleem opgelost waardoor componenten in sommige gevallen niet verborgen werden na het instellen van ‘hide for roles’.
  • Visibility-condition wordt vanaf nu ingesteld met een expressie in plaats van een filter.
  • Create, update en destroy rechten worden vanaf nu ingesteld met een expressie in plaats van een filter.
  • Diverse problemen opgelost die konden optreden bij het terugmergen van een sandbox.
  • Bij een endpoint is de request-method instelbaar. Dit zorgt ervoor dat een enkele URL nu zowel voor (GET, POST, PUT etc) beschikbaar gemaakt kan worden.
  • Diverse kleine verbeteringen aan (het instellen van) de http-request event: het is nu oa. mogelijk headers in te stellen die meegestuurd zullen worden met de request.
  • Probleem opgelost waardoor de ingestelde taal van de applicatie niet meegenomen werd in een sandbox.

Version 5.11.06

  • De teksten in de grids en formulieren zijn aangepast naar een prettiger leesbaar font.
  • Bij het bouwen van model-action worden variable-namen automatisch gevalideerd en indien nodig aangepast (oa. spaties en hoofdletters worden verwijderd).
  • Het is nu mogelijk om in een model-action begeleidende teksten te plaatsen die je terug kunt lezen als je deze model-action later weer opent. Dit is gedaan om voor jezelf wat uitleg achter te laten, als dingen niet voor zichzelf spreken.
  • Als je hovert over een property naam in een model-browser krijg je nu de volledige naam te zien. Dit is handig als deze door zijn lengte in eerste instantie werd afgekapt.
  • Probleem opgelost waardoor een nieuw aangemaakte variable niet direct zichtbaar werd.
  • Probleem opgelost waardoor de Mandrill koppeling niet werkte vanuit een sandbox.
  • Tokeninput component herschreven. Hierdoor zijn er problemen in het gebruik opgelost en is de algehele ervaring beter. Ook even van een nieuw likje verf voorzien.
  • Betty detecteert nu zelf dat de internetverbinding verbroken (en weer herstelt) is. Dit wordt getoond in de header.
  • De layout van de sidebar is aangepast. Er zijn gradients en borders verwijderd om een frissere look uit te stralen.
  • Probleem opgelost waardoor het verwijderen van een filter soms niet werkte.
  • Vinkje om advanced-options aan en uit te schakelen is nu voor alle admins beschikbaar.
  • Dubbelklik in grid zorgt niet langer voor een half geopend formulier.