Many tools make light work

Betty Blocks contains numerous tools and prewritten code with which you can quickly create your ideal business application. For example, all applications are automatically suited for all browsers and the simple but powerful user interface ensures that each app is easy to use – on the computer, tablet and smartphone.


Give your application development a kickstart with preconfigured applications. These templates can be used immediately or further modify the template to create your ideal application.

The Builder

With Betty Blocks you make everything from the builder without programming and taking into account the UI. The app is automatically suited for all browsers and devices.


In your business application, you see only the information that you require, thanks to filters. You set up these templates yourself and, if you use them often, you can easily save the templates. In this way, you adjust the application to your own needs.


All apps are immediately suitable for every browser. On your mobile, tablet or computer – the application will automatically be made suitable for the screen size and resolution without that having to be taken into account during the development of the app.


The search function in the applications is fast and powerful. Combined searching based on multiple fields or values is one of the useful options. In just a few steps you can easily search the entire database.

Single Sign-on

Why make things difficult if it can be done easily? Using Betty Blocks you can login through social media. That saves you from having to remember a new user name and password.


During your busy day you want to see important information when it is relevant. You yourself set up your triggers and the app sends you what you want to know by e-mail or text message. That way, you are always up to date.


Knowledge is power. Reports are important to the management of your organisation. You set the parameters once. Afterwards the application presents the information at fixed times.


Sometimes you can accelerate or increase the efficiency of processes by setting up workflows within the application. It might also be necessary to supervise certain work. Having a good grip on the matter is key.

Users’ rights

Every employee has his/her own role. Not all information needs to be available for everyone. In the application, you can easily grant users’ rights on a detailed level.


Your Betty Blocks business application can be used safely through the Internet anywhere and any time. Updates and backups are a thing of the past. We take all of your maintenance concerns out of your hands.

And more…

Betty Blocks is a platform that many developers work on and that is regularly updated with new features and functionality.