Build business applications more quickly and effectively than ever before.

Betty Blocks contains numerous tools and prewritten code with which you can quickly create your ideal business application. For example, all applications are automatically suited for all browsers and the simple but powerful user interface ensures that each app is easy to use – on the computer, tablet and smartphone.

Model-driven application development

Build any kind of application more quickly and easily than the traditional method. Design an application based on your own data model and logic. Programming knowledge is no longer required to create your ideal business software.

100% online

You can access Betty Blocks from any browser. By means of authentication you are then given access to your own portal, from which you can build an application or use an existing application.

Seamless integration

Every application that you build on our platform can be linked by means of an API to existing systems, such as an accounting package or ERP system. There are various ready-to-use APIs, such as a link with Exact Online.


All of the applications are immediately suitable for any browser. On your mobile, tablet or computer – the application changes with the screen size, without being required to take that into account during building.

Intuitive to use

We focus considerable attention on making the User Interface as intuitive as possible. This makes every application user friendly, regardless of the type of application or the user’s knowledge level.


If the application must be changed you can easily do so in the sandbox environment. This is an environment in which you can test the new functionality before going live.

Optimally secured

Security is a top priority for us. We do our utmost to keep the security of the application and data at the highest possible level. We do this by housing the platform in a highly advanced data centre and by having ourselves tested for security regularly by external auditors.

Support & Documentation

We strive to ensure that anyone with any affinity for IT can build an application themselves. We have extensive documentation available to support the builders, from starter’s guide to the detailled functioning of APIs.

Consultancy & Training

Our application builders can help you create your ideal businesss application. Whereas with tradtional custom software it often took weeks to deliver something, our engineers can do that in hours. Feel free to contact us for extensive information and prices.