Betty Blocks included in the new
Gartner Enterprise hpaPaaS Magic Quadrant 2017

No Code

Betty Blocks is a platform with which you can build web applications without coding. Build the application exactly the way you want it. 8x faster than the traditional method.
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Multi device

All applications are automatically suited for use with every browser and device. The standard UI makes the application very user friendly.
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100% online

Betty Blocks is a 100% online aPaaS. Applications are developed and hosted on our platform. Therefore, you do not have concerns about hardware, software, security and management.
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Easy integration

With the Betty Blocks platform you can integrate applications quickly and safely with existing software. From 25 year old back-end systems to modern online bookkeeping programmes
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What our customers say

“We can now match the supply and demand of practical assignments and internships much better. Besides this, we also have a better understanding of the progression students make. Therefore, we can guide them more closely.” Piet Dekker (Stage Coördinator) Hogeschool van Amsterdam
“Easy-to-use and flexible to set-up with taking in account the strict (safety) demands of its customers.” Jan Heinen Pluc!
“On the Betty Blocks platform we developed an application with which the front end and back end are integrated. Information from various sources is now effectively made transparent.” Victor Küppers (Vivat Verzekeringen)
“The state of the art Betty Blocks platform offers us a great deal of flexibility, with which we can distinguish ourselves in the taxi market.” Koen Bekkering Drive ugo

Rapid Application Development (aPaas cloud)

Betty Blocks is a rapid application development platform with which you can easily build business applications. By selecting fields and assigning functionality to each, you build a business application without programming. Once the application is complete it will be hosted on the (aPaas) platform, you will be free from concerns about the management of the hardware, software and security. With a rapid application development platform you develop applications faster and more effectively than ever before.

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