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Hi, we’re Betty Blocks! Do you like Big Hairy Audacious Goals? This is ours: By 2023, anyone can build an application. Quite a statement, right? So how we are doing with our BHAG? It’s going pretty well! So well actually, that we grew by 360% in 2018. And we’re just getting started! To support our superhuman ambition, we are looking for an Elixir developer who wants to help support the vision of our Forrester-licensed no-code application development platform.

  What are we looking for?   What do we offer?
 icons8-communication-skill-filled-50 You are interested in (learning) Elixir and have affinity with functional programming

 icons8-macbook-filled-50 25 holidays, brand new macbook, in-house gym
icons8-developer-64 You're passionate about writing quality code icons8-tableware-filled-50
We arrange a daily (healthy) lunch 


You look for the best technical solutions and you also take in to consideration future requirements, needs and possibilities

icons8-champagne-filled-50 Every Friday our legendary Friday afternoon drinks 


What are you going to do? 

You will be part of a team of top-notch developers, together you will work on the best and coolest no-code platform, Betty Blocks! You will work on high scalable platform with all kinds of challenging problems using the latest technologies like Elixir, Erlang and OTP. We have a decent focus on unit testing and integration testing and we are working on a migration to the cloud. Furthermore the team regularly attends events and meetups. 

  • What makes you like working with Elixir? 
    Elixir gives you the battle-tested foundation of Erlang, topped with a syntax that's easy to learn and fun to write. I like the functional nature of the language, together with built-in fault-tolerance. We'll certainly hear more about Elixir as it becomes ever bigger in the world of programming languages.
    What did you do before you came working for Betty Blocks? 
    Before Betty Blocks, I worked at a company that offers social media monitoring and -reporting for businesses. My focus was on development on the backend of that solution. Before that, I did my bachelor's and master's at VU University in Amsterdam, specializing in internet- and web development.
    What do you do in your spare time? 
    I have a passion for teaching the new generation. In that spirit, I'm training and coaching young athletes at my local athletics club. I'm also a mentor at CoderDojo, an organization that teaches kids to code. Furthermore, I like to run a couple of times per week and to watch new movies at the cinema.

    Yordi Verkroost

    Elixir Developer @ Betty Blocks

  • What makes you like working with Elixir?
    I like how efficient Erlang BEAM for creating concurrent and robust processes. For me Elixir is a natural extension of Erlang, working on BEAM and serving the needs of web development - leading technology of nowadays.
    What did you do before you came working for Betty Blocks? 
    I was a backend Erlang developer before.
    What do you so in your spare time? 
    In my spare time, I enjoy discovering the Netherlands, watching Netflix and HBO.

    Roman Greg

    Elixir Developer @ Betty Blocks

  • What makes you like working for Betty Blocks as a BDR?
    The different types of contact and thus the different types of conversations. I personally think that you also learn the most from that. Even the sometimes more difficult conversations, these are really the best way to learn quickly!

    What did you study before you came working for Betty Blocks? 
    I've studied sport, Management, and Entrepreneurship. After that, I started working within my first commercial role at a start-up. Here I knew right away that these types of roles are the most suitable for me! 

    What do you do in your spare time? 
    In my free time, I mainly enjoy socializing! If it is not with colleagues then with friends or family. Traveling is a close second. So if someone has good traveling tips, you know where to find me! 


    Eugene Rubashka

    Elixir Developer @ Betty Blocks

Elixir Developer - Alkmaar

Are you the right person for the job?

Do you have any questions? 
For questions please contact Anouk Reus, she is the recruiter for this position: 
 +316 21 44 92 43 or mail your questions to;