Why do organizations embrace a RAD platform?

RAD platforms (Rapid Application Development / Delivery) are booming. By 2020, at least 50% of all new IT line-of-business applications will be created with RAD toolsets.* But why do organizations embrace a RAD platform? We have listed these reasons below and whether certain needs and goals apply to your company's situation as well. Also, in our 'To RAD or not to RAD' white paper, we elaborate on different aspects of RAD platforms and what you need to know in choosing the platform that's right for your organization.

Research has shown the following reasons for organizations to prefer a RAD platform over traditional programming:

Consider if any of these needs and goals apply in your case:

  • Quickly build and manage multiple apps
  • There is a backlog of building mobile and / or web apps
  • IT can’t keep up and is (therefore) prone to errors
  • Your business needs mobile apps to gain competitive advantage
  • Your company is routinely struggling to keep pace with the expectations of business units for new and innovative application solutions.
  • You’re a startup and the current administration does not suffice anymore, which is costing you business but you don’t have the resources to hire a traditional programmer.
  • The gap between your IT and business processes is too big, and you’re looking to bridge this.
  • You want to deliver fast without compromising any app components or regulations.
  • You have a hard time finding good, affordable traditional developers. Good RAD platforms often have a low learning curve so you can easily train engineers
  • An increasingly broad spectrum of application channels, ranging from smartphones, tablets, and desktops to a myriad of emerging Internet of Things devices. Such range makes it nearly impossible to keep up using only low-level, hand-coded solutions
  • The deep pool of shadow IT and citizen developer resources that are working outside of core IT teams to deliver applications beyond the governance of traditional application development efforts.

When you feel the above applies to you, you might like to know more about RAD platforms and learn what implementing this does for your organization. And what the added value of a RAD platform is. We go in depth on these questions in our free 'To RAD or not to RAD' white paper.

* Gartner’s Market Guide for High-Productivity Rapid Application Development Tools Published: 24 May 2016

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