Why building the best no-code platform is a lot of fun

Startup vibe
Recently our new VP of Sales in the US, Bill Keeshen, joined us for a week in The Netherlands. Bill was surprised by the positive vibe at our headquarters. Even though Betty Blocks is growing fast since its founding, the company still has the same innovative culture. As Bill would say:”I love the startup vibe and Betty Blocks is in a unique position to disrupt an already disruptive market. I live for this!” 

When opportunity knocks, you got to take it
The Betty Blocks team works hard. But its all according to the slogan: Work hard, play hard. A good product is the result of a number of conditions. First of all, you need the best and most qualified people you can find. Luckily we have achieved that. The team is young, eager and flexible. Every single team member is challenged to bring out the best in themselves. The big advantage of this challenging atmosphere is that the team does not shy away from any roadblocks along the way. These young professionals know how to seize opportunities. And thanks to  Betty Blocks technology the team solves problems a lot faster than most other teams! But there is more to it. We need to make sure there is a  comfortable team with a good cooperative spirit.

No lunch box required
It starts with the morning routine. Nobody has to rush packing a lunch; salads and bread are set at the table for lunch. Every day around noon the team leaves the desks for a healthy lunch together. During lunch there is enough time to eat, talk and relax. And for those who like to kick a ball around; there is plenty of time for that. But a great atmosphere does not rely on a lunch and some football. The Betty Blocks team has become a group of friends. We work together, train together and also like to party together. 

Work it! At the gym and the bar
Every week, and for the real sports enthusiasts twice a week, there is a personal trainer.  Under the watchful eye of personal trainer Joost the team jumps, runs, climbs and rolls to stay in shape. With healthy lunches and weekly workouts the team is fit for  the weekend, when the real fun begins. Every Friday they close the week with a nice cold beer. Or two. Or maybe more. And at least once a month the team visits a festival. Working at Betty Blocks is not all about work, but also about having a lot of fun together.  And the good news is, after a nice weekend with beers, friends and fun the team hops fresh and bright into the office for another week of building the best no-code platform there is.

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