Entirely new platform design

Our next platform release includes an entirely new platform design with an optimised builder menu. Why? At Betty Blocks everyone works hard to make app development available for everyone. This new platform design is part of that. With the upcoming new platform design, we are introducing a brand new builder menu. Besides the new icons and colours, the builder menu is more organised, more simplified and works even better on your mobile devices. It makes your life easier. Would you like a preview before it is released?

I would like to see it!

New Design

With the new builder menu, you can quickly switch between your back-office or web module, and it will have a clearer overview. Create improvements or changes in your app with the three prominent menu items: UI builder, data model, and actions. With the UI builder, you can make changes to your interface, depending which module is activated. When you’re in the web module, the UI builder enables you to make changes to your web pages. When you’re in the back-office module, the UI builder lets you manage the data stored in your app. One button for your entire interface.

Thanks to the folded tools and settings, your overview will be much better organised. Contrary to the current builder menu, the new one contains only one play button. Whether you're in the back-office or the web module of your app, you can instantly run your app by clicking the play button.

Our next release with this new design is scheduled for the week of Monday, September 5th, 2016.

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