Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption; buzzword? Yes, but, according to a recent Gartner survey, only 7% of the CIO’s feel their business is digital already. Up to 83% feels it will take the next two years to get there. In this world, a business needs to be fully digital in order to survive. But survival is simply not enough, the business needs to be ready for “the next big thing”.

Digital transformation

So what does it take to get digital and prepare for “the next big thing”? This transformation mainly rests on two pillars; speed & flexibility. Speed because the application needs to be developed fast and flexible because the application needs to be easily adjustable or extendable. When your business is in a fast moving market and innovations are happening on a day-to-day basis your IT-systems need to support this pace. This is the only way to be prepared for the future and to stay ahead of the game.

We get this; stop coding, start accelerating. Build business applications 8-10 times faster.

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