Are you a Citizen Developer?

During the 1980's people were bringing their home computers to work because they brought more flexibility than the old fashioned terminals the organization provided. Just like people are bringing their iPad's and Macbook's today.

IT departments have a way of losing track of what the professionals need, it seems. How is that in software? At home, people work with MailChimp to send bulk emails. MailChimp is easy to use and not that expensive. When that same person needs to send a bulk email at work, they need to use large and inflexible software. So they think "why not just use MailChimp?". And why not?

This movement has been going on for years and has been accelerating the last few years. Professionals want to be in control of the software the are using and change it a bit to fit their needs. The end user is creating their own tooling. That is what we call Citizen Development at Betty Blocks. And that is how we empower the professional in 2015. Offer them a platform on which they create their own tooling, without any coding skills.

Together with our template store professionals give themselves a jumpstart in creating tools. This is all done under the supervision of an IT department, without the need to interfere. The IT department offers Betty Blocks as a citizen developers platform and finally the professional can use the tools they need!

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