Betty Blocks in the running for most outstanding cloud provider 2017

On Tuesday 31 October 2017, IT business platform Computable presents the Computable Awards 2017. Betty Blocks is in the running for the award ‘most outstanding cloud-provider’. The jury selected Betty Blocks because the platform provides a very easy way to develop applications, without any coding required.

The official nomination (article in Dutch):
Computable - Published, June 2nd, 2017
Computable nominates 10 cloud providers

The most prestigious IT awards in the Netherlands
For the 12th consecutive year, the awards will be presented to the best, most beautiful, most complex or most comprehensive projects in the Netherlands. In twenty different categories, the jury grants awards to companies, projects or people which, according to the Computable readers, have distinguished outstandingly.

List of big names
Betty Blocks is one of the nominees in the category ‘most outstanding cloud provider’. Computable evaluates vendors or projects based on two criteria; distinctiveness and innovation. Betty Blocks is nominated along with great cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Infor, and IBM.

Distinctive and innovative
Betty Blocks is the only truly no-code platform for creating mobile, business and web applications at the speed of ideas. In the world where the fast beat the slow, Betty Blocks enables innovation and digital transformation within organizations at unprecedented speed and scale. Empowering people to build the right tools for themselves, without being limited by programming knowledge or the technology itself. All the more reason why the independent jury of the Computable Awards 2017 nominated Betty Blocks in the category ‘most outstanding cloud-provider’.

In 2014 Computable added the category Cloud-provider and for the past three years the award was presented to Microsoft. Your vote counts! The winner is for 50% determined by you, the audience. Voting starts on July 4 and will close October 8. Stay tuned; we will keep you posted!

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